matrix for life

    • @k_o_tOPM
      4 years ago

      yup, it’s especially weird that even the people that were supposed to be the last ones to resort to it utilize it as a communication channel (for example r/unixporn, which were supposed to be all about FOSS, also I recently learned that r/selfhosted of all things are not using matrix, but discord! (a little ironic))

      I really hope that matrix will successfully become the de facto communication protocol, because I think it’s really having trouble at the moment, with so many communities switching to Discord, and most mobile messengers not switching to the matrix protocol as matrix hoped…

      [well, just learned that has been blocked in my country, nice :/]

    • @Lofenyy
      24 years ago

      Freaky. I never used Matrix or Discord before. It actually does kinda irritate how popular it is. All my friends would rather keep in touch via Discord than anything else, it’s irritating.