We might be able to capitalize on this somehow to move users to the fediverse?

Hi mods,

This afternoon we will be releasing a couple of improvements to Automoderator.

First, there is now a verified email attribute available. This means that you can check if the redditor submitting content to your community has a verified email associated with their account. Think of it as an automated way of looking at their trophy case to see if they have the “Verified Email” trophy.

Mods use account age & karma restrictions in an effort to stop low effort participation but these often catch out well intentioned redditors. We hope that by exposing if a redditor has a verified email to automod you’ll be able to remove some of these karma restrictions and have a more effective way at identifying bad-intentioned redditors.

it’s a good compromise between privacy and safety, right-wingers have been using email-less reddit accounts for harassment for quite a while


I’m not sure how it is a “good compromise” in any sense of that phrase. What is “safe” about this? What is “private” about it?

All it does is confirm that one person who signs up for reddit once signed up for an online email account somewhere. We are not stuck in 1998, where your one and only email account was created when you signed up for Comcast or Verizon DSL.

This makes the signup process for reddit slightly more convoluted, and maybe makes them spend an extra 6 minutes doing so. This is an insufficient amount of delay to expect them to have any life-changing epiphanies.

It does not prevent the harassment you are concerned about. It adds no safety.

It isn’t private… as unimaginative as most people are, chances are that you can guess email addresses from usernames even if reddit does not reveal them. It actively reduces privacy, and much more so than you imply.

This is so far into the realm of security theater that if just stand there and wait 30 seconds, the costume department will come by and change you into your clown outfit.


Hey hello, ChinaNumberOne/SupportTransPeople! @dessalines@lemmy.ml @nutomic@lemmy.ml take note.

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