• @eldestdrag
    162 years ago

    I disagree with this decision(not that a evil megacorp like Alphabet cares).

    Sometimes, dislikes represent the anger of regular people when companies treat them like shit, ex: Nintendo

    • 10_0
      102 years ago

      at this point youtube is trying to become tik tok, because people spend more time on tik tok than youtube. (i recall seeing a statistic sonewhere that people spend more time overallon tik tok than youtube, and i think its true.)

    • @newhoa
      32 years ago

      That’s exactly why they’re doing it. To “protect the brands”. Brands don’t want bad press or for others to know that people are mad at them.

      Brands include media and governments. Not only does it hide bad press and community consensus, it helps them control what the public sees and believes. It also further hides any sort of manipulation they’d like to do (either with vote counts, or with the recommendation algorithms).