• @je_vv
    2 years ago

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    • @Lynda
      12 years ago

      Status is something I’m trying to better understand. It solves the P2P problem of offline messages, but I haven’t tried the mobile version to measure battery consumption. I would assume the battery usage is better because Status doesn’t require to be constantly online.

      I think there needs to be a mind set change for these types of apps. The big shift is to refer to these apps/platforms as decentralized/distributed. Decentralization/distributed includes messaging + currency + websites. Status is also built with Ethereum. So if they have the technology already built, it would seem logical a lot of these apps/platforms are going to include similar crypto/blockchain features. And if you don’t like the dapps and wallet, you can disable the features in the app. So far I haven’t seen a downside.