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[rtorrent] how to get magnet links into watch, without converting to torrent

Hello, on rtorrent watch directories are great, with them you can move downloaded stuff from one directory to another, once the download is complete. …

Sad to read.

If burning DVDs (yes I still have such burner), then I use cdrecord (from original cdrtools)… I don’t have a blu-ray burner, but if I did, I would use cdrtools as well. At some point I used mkisofs with some frequency, and before discovering abcde (cdparanoia behind the scenes), my 1st step when ripping music, was with cdda2wav… What I know from him is cdrtools, which is great SW IMHO.

According to the matrix closure post from disroot, actually there were privacy concerns involved in their decision, besides taking more resources than xmmp:

what is really drawing us to XMPP is how it is designed with the user’s privacy as a central pillar. While the Matrix protocol is also taking the user’s privacy seriously, it seems like its architectural focus is directed elsewhere, valuing usability over privacy. Matrix stores the data posted to any room indefinitely on all participating servers.

Things change, and there’s nothing perfect, but there are still valid arguments in both posts, the OP one, and its disroot reference, regarding Matrix privacy concerns. Disroot preferred XMMP… I’m also thinking about XMMP, though I’m crossing fingers for Jami to become better at synchronization between devices, since Jami is also distributed and seems really promising.

I won’t comment about kde neon, however, it’s weird that the reference mentions koffice, when calligra is the kde office suite, which is pretty fast compare to libreoffice for example, and can open pretty similar m$ files, though it can’t write them… And korganizer has let me down, not allowing syncing remote ics/ical web calendars, so far. Even icsdroid handles them, but korganizer after all these years being there hasn’t. There are bugs about it (eg. 428665), but it seems there’s total lack of interest getting them fixed…

Wondering why loongArch, other than evolving from the mips past, and using independence as the reason. They already have developed the CPU uArch, which is their own, and risc-v being open source would have covered for their path towards technology independence. So I don’t quite agree with the reasons provided. To me it looks more like trying to keep their mips legacy stuff working, rather than adopting risc-v…

Included on the OP’s shared URL: https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/04/17/loongson-loongarch-cpu-instruction-set-architecture

I never edited photos, but how about krita? I’ve read it’s not as good as good as gimp on photo editing (it’s supposed to be great for painting, more than photo editing), but perhaps it might be good enough, depending on your needs. You can find some post about krita on photo editina round, like this comparison with gimp and this a bit older comment. There are some reddit and quora comments, though I’m hesitating about the comment on krita originating as a gimp fork, since they’re based on 2 way different toolkits.

Bottom line, it looks that although not offering everything gimp offers for photo editing, perhaps offering enough without being as complex, as some might suggest, as gimp.

ohh well, for my device, it’s still Android 9, :( So, this means nothing for some phones. My plan is to migrate to pine64 phone instead, perhaps then…

I think I found the issue. Only darkly is working for me, and I have to refresh or course… Somehow LibreWolf (Firefox derivative) with default dark theme, is not picked by Lemmy. I’m using materia dark theme on the system, and it’s what LibreWolf is picking… So, that’s what’s not working. Darkly does it though…

It might be it was that way before BTW, and the confusion about reloading once, with darkly, unsuccessfully got me confused, :)

It was sort of weird, I did that on the the front page and seemed to work, then move to my subscriptions and stopped working. Same when moving to settings to review, and going back to front page, etc… It seems to be working now though… Hopefully I just keep reloading when losing the theme again, and that’ll be it, :) Thanks !

The theme (darkly or the web browser one) are not respected), and web looks horribly white, :(

Had to use “dark reader” extension… I’m using librewolf 92.01, but this hadn’t happened before, :(

Seems pretty similar to Briar, any key feature making a big difference? Both do e2ee, and both rely on Tor.

Unfortunately just one electric motor, instead of at least two (one per axe). It’ll depend on transmission for 4wd, and it keeps reduction gear… Ohh, if they have thought of 2 motors (1 per axe) at least… …

I understood FF’s aosp/android version, and derivatives, didn’t have https-only mode working properly, and the recommendation on aosp/android. Has that changed?

I see Jami missing, though Briar is mentioned. Any particular reason for missing Jami? Perhaps because it doesn’t use the double ratchet popularized by Signal? It does e3ee by default, and supports voice and video calls besides chats…

Question, while not paired with any computer, does the andorid app consumes too much batter trying to find devices to pair with?

Just in case, perhaps one can get away with dynamic DNS sort of pseudo domain, not a full domain, so that you can access services you host at home, without having to know the IP. At any rate, whether pseudo DDNS or full DNS, the IP is fully recognizable.

The advantage of a VPS might be some protection against home blackouts and internet lost every now and then, depending where you live. However, self hosting poses several issues. Isolating your network (firewalls plus kernel hardening), hardening the servers,protect against common attacks such as denial of services, as well as infiltrating the services. All than not to mention dealing with spam and much more.

However, I’m tending towards the idea the we have to self host, now a days. Trusting providers is not wise. Granted email is not secure, neither private, however the same applies to other services. FB is even looking at ways to extract information from whatsapp without decrypting messages… Signal leaks quite some information about its users, and though the advertise themselves about not able to decrypt messages, they can and probably do share all metadata they grab.

I’d really like distributed mechanisms, to take over, and become mainstream, not just decentralized, because then there are no servers to depend upon, and the information is just shared among those whom the information was generated for, no trusting in servers, not even your own.

what would be interesting BTW, is having choices of non x86 well performing pcs (laptops, desktops, mini-pcs, etc), like with 16g or 32g RAM, 512G or more NVMe/PCIe SSDs, 8, 16 or more true cores. To say risc-v 64bits is perhaps too early, but having such options in arm-64 is not quite there, unless thinking Mc, :(

Is divested related to divestos? Their logos seem similar, if not the same, :)…

Not sure if relevant to your question, since I myself has asked something similar in the past for divestos, since they develop Mull:



Which is pretty highly regarded, and currently available on f-droid…

ohh well, DDG also is more of a meta-search engine, getting stuff mainly from Bing, so I wouldn’t go as far as rejecting FLOSS meta-search engines such as Searx but accepting DDG, see:


BTW, no privacy oriented search engine with all indexes of its own will give you good results as of now, that I know of. So whether a mixture of a private oriented meta-search engine with its own indexes, FLOSS, might become a good alternative. DDG mainly as a meta-search engine doesn’t even give you the control Searx provides to you, as to where to get the search results from.

Another side effect of DDG, is being a non FLOSS per profit project, based on US (with all US regulations applying).

So perhaps not the answer you were looking for, but to me, Searx, whether self hosted or using instances out there (even better if out of the extended 5 eyes, just in case), is currently what I settled to for search engine, :)