• ᗪᗩᗰᑎ
    42 years ago

    a better user experience (stickers, nice look, fast messages, link previews, etc.). I’m honestly sick of people saying some alternatives a Hard agree. Additional some of his points don’t make sense, like his stance on “what if a better app ever appears” - like, who cares? If there’s a significantly better app, suggest it, if there isn’t, why caution people about something that doesn’t exist?

    He also brings up the point about LibreSignal being shut down by Moxie but doesn’t bring up the fact there are 3rd party clients that exist, which the devs are aware about, but haven’t been shut down/blocked and its been years.

    Anyways, I would disagree with the message as Signal is currently the best private and cross-platform SMS/text replacement available.