This is just for messing around to see in digital form the house that I dream of in my head. Is there a truly free one that does a decent job?

I’ve played with it in Sims 3 but I was wondering if there was something more realistic out there. Bonus if it’s something where I could generate a noob file that a pro architect could use to base a real design on.

  • @lattrommi
    53 months ago

    i used sweethome3d at first and then imported it into blender. it works pretty well although isn’t exactly accurate to scale. i started by recreating my current apartment and used it to plan rearranging my furniture but now i have two files, one for planning my apartment and one to buildout my dream home by expanding on what i currently have.

    • cheesymoonshadowOP
      3 months ago

      That’s exciting! Sweethome3D seems to be a favorite. I wish rearranging furniture were as simple as clicking and dragging.