I thought about using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a NextCloud server, but research told me it would be too slow to be useful. Any cool useful projects I can do, without any extra purchases? I’m extremely low on money currently.

  • Tmpod
    52 years ago

    Interested in this too. I have mine lying around being useless, and idk what to do with it. For now, I don’t wanna host anything accessible out of my network (don’t want to deal with opening ports and securing stuff well), so it has to be some home assistant thing (dunno what, I don’t really have smort appliances) or maybe a media center (?). Possibly a little seedbox, but it would be rather slow ig.

    Any suggestion is more than welcome ;)

    • m-p{3}
      2 years ago

      I host a Kiwix instance. I figure that if the Internet goes down, at least I’ll have an offline copy of English Wikipedia I can read.