Hello! We’ve reached 15k members (afaik we’re still the largest community on lemmy). It’s a lot for only a couple people, though there is admin support.

I’m looking for a couple people to join and help moderate. Ideally you:

  1. Have a history of contributions to this community
  2. Have been on lemmy for a reasonable* amount of time and do not plan to leave any time soon

*Genuinely not sure what constitutes reasonable, I suppose it will be case-by-case. It’s a little frightening to appoint someone who just came via the reddit migration, but I understand that 4/5 of this community are newish so it’s fine. The main hope is that you’ll stick around.

Ideally I’ll pick a few people out in the coming days. I’m also going to correspond with the admins before changes.


  • EvanOPM
    28 months ago

    Could you link your previous account?