• @Kultronx@lemmygrad.ml
    41 year ago

    I do dual boot linux on a laptop i have that is 10 years old (linux mint). I would consider myself ‘intermediate’ when it comes to knowledge of software and stuff, and I mostly find Linux pretty frustrating to use beyond simply browsing the web, it feels like there is always a byzantine process to do stuff that Windows can do easily without hassle. Not that I really like Windows at all. Otherwise, I’d use it all the time.

    • There’s a bit of a learning curve to dial in all the stuff you regularly do with windows on a linux based OS. But by making your daily driver a linux based machine you’ll be kind of forced to figure it out. Took me maybe a month to fully get each little thing setup but now I have more versatile resources to handle the same tasks. Worth it alone to stop the invasive tracking by Microsoft to me. Plus with all the easily accessible open sourced software available in linux, I now often wonder what took me soo long to drive in