Exposed data include patient names, birth dates, insurance information, and people’s responses to mental health self-evaluations.

  • @Kajika
    41 year ago

    The real news to me is that more than 3M people are naive/desperate enough to use such a product (and omg 99$ a month).

    Just ‘startup’ is a red flag to me, if it is related to health or anything that should definitely be public services it is already scam. So no surprise it is super shady.

      21 year ago

      Look, can we really blame the desperate, especially people suffering from mental health issues, to seek help that they can? i feel that the only solution to problems like these are better health care, which means proper and rigorous scientific and ethical education on the subject and proper support system and establishment for health care services

    • @ailiphilia@feddit.itOP
      1 year ago

      Yes, it’s bad if people are that naive, and it’s even worse when others appear to exploit the despair of people. The app has 32 permissions and contains 4 trackers that openly say that they would collect behavioral data and advertise their trackers using slogans like “we help marketers make better decisions”.