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Yes. I’d be happy if history teaches me wrong, but somehow I feel they won’t do it.

This is sadly true. Sometimes I feel it is even worse. People could use products like LibreOffice for a donation of their choice or even for free if they want to, but they rather pay for Microsoft 365. I don’t understand that.

Google exposes Android vulnerability affecting Mali GPUs
Affected devices include Pixel, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and others.

New mathematical model could help avoid spattering squeezy sauce bottles
Most of us are all too familiar with how, when we come to the end of a squeezy sauce bottle, the smooth flow of liquid can suddenly turn to a messy spatter. But a new mathematical model has shed light onto why this phenomenon occurs and what we could do to stop it.

It tells a lot about our global (!) human society that such a day is needed.

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

È nella bozza della legge di bilancio: i negozianti potranno rifiutare i pagamenti con carte e bancomat per piccoli importi, senza sanzioni

Il grande scrittore tedesco, autore tra gli altri di "Il mago dei numeri", aveva 93 anni

Scarseggiano le risorse per la prevenzione della pandemia, tra cui cibo, posti letto negli ospedali e luoghi destinati alla quarantena. Le restrizioni stanno provocando problemi anche alle attività di soccorso, cosa che sta creando ulteriore malcontento tra la gente.

Unequal distribution of access to green infrastructure in urban areas primarily occurs because of the higher land and property values new greening has been shown to produce—for the benefits of a few and the exclusion of many. A new study now suggests that cities can and should take action to ensure more socially just impacts of green financing.

Researchers at the MIT used a reinforcement learning approach that is decentralized, which means the agents learn to win the games independently, making the system more scalable. The framework could be used by a group of autonomous drones working together to find a lost hiker in a thick forest, or by self-driving cars that strive to keep passengers safe by anticipating future moves of other vehicles driving on a busy highway.

A report found that Chinese officers visited fields, monasteries, residential neighbourhoods, businesses, and even schools to collect "pin-prick blood samples" from Tibetans. According to Students For Free Tibet, the Chinese government is building the world's largest police-run DNA database with the help of key industry partners in the West.

The new restriction applies to all companies that are subject to China’s national security law, which forces firms to co-operate with Beijing’s security networks

Chinese tech firms under criticism for spying in Europe, report says
Companies such as Huawei, ZTE Corps and Hikvision have been heavily criticized by human rights groups for providing surveillance technology not only for authoritarian regimes but also for espionage activities

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Workers at the factory in Zhengzhou shared more than a dozen videos that show staff in a standoff with lines of police armed with batons and clad in white protective gear. The videos show police beating workers, with some bleeding from their heads and others limping away from chaotic clashes.

Third-party data brokers give police warrantless access to 250 million devices.

A Bologna si inaugura Leonardo, il quarto supercomputer più potente al mondo. E nel 2024 con il progetto Jupiter l'obiettivo è superare Stati Uniti e Giappone

I’d like to see more from these wealthy jocks than complaints about being controlled.

Yes, our comments have crossed. See mine above.

I didn’t understand it as against me, I just didn’t understand :-). All fine. The super rich footballer appears to feel understandably uneasy given that he is “controlled” as he says. The point is that he and his peers could say ‘no’ to this exactly because they are “super rich”, but they literally play to their sponsors in an industry that seems to have lost any human dignity.

Unfortunately his sentiment could be a foretaste of a society which we may be heading into. How will ( or already do?) citizens feel in a world of ubiquitous CCTVs and client-side scanning technologies where everything you do and say is constantly monitored and logged? What does this mean for the freedom of opinion and other human rights we in the so-called “western world” are so proud of?

Harsh reality finally coming into contact with super rich football players.

I don’t understand this. Where’s the context?

Le criptovalute sono le criptovalute, proprio come i soldi sono i soldi. E’ una specie di tecnologia, cose artificali. Non possono essere etiche o non etiche. L’etica puo’ essere cio’ che noi umani stiamo facendo.

Sì, sono caricature di se stessi, agenti di una macchina commerciale che sta per perdere ogni dignità umana.

"Siamo qui per giocare a calcio e, se non possiamo farlo a causa di fare una dichiarazione atta a dire cose normali come 'no' al razzismo e alla discriminazione, allora cosa? Cosa possiamo fare?"

"We are being controlled. I don’t like making political statements. We are here to play football, and if we can’t even do that because we are making a statement and just saying normal things, like ‘no to discrimination’ or ‘no to racism’, and you cannot say that, then hey, then what?”

Services such as H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer have been quietly transmitting sensitive financial information to Facebook when Americans file their taxes online, The Markup says.

A Q&A with Gus Hosein, director of Privacy International, just how advanced the technology is.

Yeah, it’s even said in the first sentence of the article. Should have read it more carefully before posting. I stand corrected.

I don’t know people with children in Germany, but you can read it here and many other sites. 🤔

Germany already did that a couple of years ago afaik. But, yes, let’s hope others will follow.

“a surveillance tool that could be weaponized by the Egyptian authorities to track activists, government delegates and anyone attending COP27”

Google said it had reviewed the app and had not found any violations to its app policies.

Aha. Ho capito, grazie. 😎

It’s another step towards centralization imo. Solana is already very centralized with a few validators controlling a substantial part of the network. If you seek decentralization, that’s not good news. But that’s just my personal opinion. Curious to see what others say.