I don’t know if I am missing a point or not but I don’t exactly quiet get the hype as to me, it just chrome with poor man’s uBlock Origin and their own crypto in the mix.

Like how it that different from me using ether Librewolf or even Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin compare to Brave?


Brave search provides an .onion instance, so I would say no



But that is a bit stupid, you can go to any search engine using Tor network too, why would I want to do it via .onion it is just slower, if you browse to youtube.com, the connection is already going through Tor, so the connection is already private.

Second thing, I am on Firefox and I can access to that link too, I have Tor on my Firefox too. So if I want to do a private search I just use a searx instance and from Tor I do any search I need.

So I don’t see what you are saying makes any sense.

The Kitten Cultist

I’m more on about Brave the browser, not really on about their search engine which they made

Soviet Snake

So? .onion addresses only leverages some load to the nodes, it doesn’t make your connection more anonymous/secure.

I agree on the fact that .onion addresses are not security and/or privacy silver bullets (Both twitter and reddit have one for example) you still need to trust the service provider. But with that said for certain things they can add a layer of anonimity that’s not really possible to archive without them.

But Brave the search engine and brave the browser are two different things tho.

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