I installed this yesterday. It’s not great. 29% of all power used goes to it. It’s getting removed as we speak.


Did you report the battery problem on github or their subreddit?

I’ve also read these recommendations:

1) Switching from instant notifications (default) to periodic - some users say it does reduce battery usage.

2) If you are often reconnecting to the messaging servers - it may be happening on slow/unstable mobile networks - please try enabling dev tools and then increase connection timeouts in advanced network settings. It might result in fewer reconnections and reduced battery usage.

I’m banned from Reddit so no. Not banned from GitHub lol. But this is a place. I’m sure they know about it.


if I may ask, how did you get banned from reddit ?


I think I posted on the wrong place about ending putin. I then started getting all sorts of getting banned from this and that place for insisting violence. Finally full ban. All while I was sleeping. Lol Reddit is a joke.

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