Serious question, why do we give so much power to these tech firms such as Google, when really the solution is decentralization. We have some solutions for money with bitcoin, but there still doesn’t seem to be a viable alternative with a search engine that is decentralized?

  • @PyotrGrowpotkin
    13 years ago

    It’s a “currency” where the majority of currency got handed out to very few people very early on. It’s has a more concentrated level of wealth than the real economy has. And the energy use is a far bigger issue than all others.

    • @throwaway96581
      23 years ago

      It is way more distributed than wealth in the normal fiat system in which only a few owns 50% of all the wealth.

      Unlike that system you are also free not to use it.

      You also have the opportunity to get other coins or versions that are cheaper.