We don’t have a moral obligation in the way many activists unintentionally portray it as. Let me elaborate to avoid misunderstandings. The way the modernist, conventionallist homo sapien acts today is through the lens of Subject/Object. Man is a subject that observes the world around him and the objects within it. But what he forgets is that he is as well part of this world which doesn’t have insulated entities and objects but rather a collectivity of overlapping relations and reactions; in other words the observer is also within the complex and is impacted by it.

Many flaws occur in the former modernist perspective: the human perspective is disguised as being “the objective reality”, humans are metaphysically more valuable than other species and things (bold assumption imo), humans falsly presume that their relation to Nature is one way (i.e. Nature is made for the sole reason of accomodating humans).

By eradicating this view and adopt a more organic perspective, Man must acknowledge the metaphysical equality of all present matter in the Universe, where Subjects and Objects are mere illusions. If we grasp this idea, we may prevent the self-indulged abuse of Nature but not out of a “moral” or “transcendent” obligation, which broadly resembles the perverted colonialist mission to civilization.

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