How about the PinePhone or another device supported by PostmarketOS?

The PinePhone is probably the only one I could ever buy, because all the other ones (unless there’s some new out there) are too costly, both phones that come without Android, and Android phones for which the community ported Linux (no one ports good ROMs for cheap phones).

But, at that point, since the experience isn’t really that smooth for a smartphone (never tried it, but the majority of people who did say so), might as will just build myself an UMPC with a cheap Linux SBC, and also have perks like a built-in phisical keyboard. Then I would just use a featurephone for calling, SMS, taking pictures, and WiFi hotspot for my UMPC.

Hey, there 's a manufacturer with mediatek chips that made a port for. You can check it at

I only heard of them but didn’t look into them before your comment, and they seem respectable but…

The devices are too expensive!
For my pocket, at least, considering that I buy a phone for no more than 150 euros and then change it when it breaks (this was 2.8 years for my first phone, 3.3 years for my second) or really starts to not be realistically usable anymore.

But keeping all the alternatives in mind is always good, obviously.

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