A bit of background…


The device is marketed at a price of US$500; in comparison, the Umidigi A9 Pro retails for US$120, a little less than a quarter the price of the Freedom Phone. The Freedom Phone website did not initially publish specifications for the phone, but incomplete information was later published. Finman confirmed to The Daily Beast that the Freedom Phone was manufactured by Umidigi.

In a review of the product, CNET said that the $500 Freedom Phone appeared to be “nearly on par with a $200 budget Android phone.”

The phone comes with rebranded Aurora Store and calls it " ‘uncensorable’ Freedom Phone app store"


As pointed out by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, the phone’s “PatriApp” Store appears to be no more than a rebranded Aurora Store, an open source client for the Play Store.

As far as getting “censored” apps onto the Freedom Phone, the plan seems to be to preload them. The phone ships with apps for right-wing outlets and services like Newsmax, OANN, Parler, and Rumble.