• @dragnucs
    42 years ago

    If there is no dedicated team, then who are you going to call for help? The community? The community will give you an answer but there is no guarantee the answer will be on time.

    Additionally, all the school I have seen use windows and Microsoft office not RaspberryPis. The closest thing I have too to Linux is a think client that allowed absolutely nothing other than connecting to a Windows RDP.

    People using Linux on phones or smart boards understand that they are using Android. Which to their minds is not Linux.

    Having technicians does not equate to deciding to use an OS. This is a decision higher in the organization. I worked as an IT for four years and the IT manager thinks that using windows products is the way to go. Windows Pro and Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Outlook, Skype then Teams, SharePoint, MS Office, SCCM, IIS.

    • @3arn0wl
      2 years ago

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      • @arbocenc@lemmy.cat
        22 years ago

        In Catalonia, Europe, with a population of 7,5 millions, most secondary public schools use Linkat, a Linux distro based on Debian/Ubuntu:


        That means there are thousands of children using Linux ;-)

        And there are some other countries in Spain with their own scholar Linux distro.

      • @dragnucs
        12 years ago

        Well Spain is not in the majority. There are other mouvemebts like French gendarmerie, German state, etc. But what about Egypt, Morocco, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Botswana, or South Africa?

        When you see a movie, excluding tech niche movies, what OS do you see? os x, windows or KDE? It would be a mac most of the time because they have the bigger game on marketing and salesmen. Linux has nearly zero so we only see it in geek movies where the author made research and wanted an authentic feel to his show.