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I much prefer the elegant kinetic beauty of wind turbines - especially in a cluster, to the ugly scar of a line of pylons: give me a turbine any day.

@3arn0wltoTechnologyThe Wizard of Oz

I absolutely agree with you!

What happens to Arm if the deal doesn’t go ahead?

I think they’re right to fear a flotation - the ROI has been surprisingly low for a company that’s supposed to be worth US$40B… And Arm are looking to raise money, not produce profits just to give the money to investors.

Qualcomm’s idea of users of the ISA clubbing together to maintain it - I guess more-or-less the Foundation model - might raise some money… but wouldn’t that reduce Arm to custodians of the specification?

Arm could open source the ISA… That would probably consign RISC-V to the classroom… but it would diminish Arm Ltd. too.

: Chip designers for hire, and scrabbling for funding the next processor.

@3arn0wltoTechnologyThe Wizard of Oz

I would say that RISC-V is going to be competing in all areas, and possibly more quickly than many realise.

  • It’s already competitive in the microcontroller arena
  • more capable processor designs are being worked on
  • There’re hints of GPUs, and
  • RISC-V is competing in the emerging markets - going head-to-head with Arm.

The RISC-V Foundation increased by 133% last year, and with that came funding and greater visibility. The momentum seems to be with RISC-V, and ARM is in the doldrums.

The Wizard of Oz

How embarrassing for Arm that they are having to admit how weak they really are to all and sundry…

I’m obviously delighted to read an advert promoting Linux over Windows and MacOS from Computerworld, and agree with their reasoning. But I’m also a bit flabbergasted, to be honest!

I wish they had also mentioned all the data mining that we know goes on with Windows, and that we assume goes on with Apple’s OSs too. How those OSs can be considered secure; I don’t know.

I really hope companies, governments and individuals will at least consider deploying a Linux distribution over the next couple of years, rather than retiring their hardware, and signing up to Windows11.

Yes… I think that’s probably the solution : find an old laptop, and flash something user-friendly onto it. Make sure it’s got LibreOffice, a browser and an email client (if that’s her thing).

:) I have, yes. It’s a very neat watch.

I love the idea of the e-ink display.

I was also excited because it uses an ESP32, and I’d wondered if a RISC-V ESP32 C-3 would work in it too - but reading around a bit, I don’t think it would.

This looks like a fun little thing to play around with!..

:) I don’t wear a watch, but this is the one I’d probably choose, if I did.

This is a really good piece. Thank you for sharing it.

The PineNote seems to be coming on apace! Still a way off from being consumer-ready though…

The Turmeric and coconut baked cauliflower here is also excellent.


Hmmm - and here was I busily trying to resist saying1 that: to many in the Christian faith, Jesus is the eponymous socialist.

1 Never argue about politics or religion, and certainly not both!

@3arn0wltoFuck CarsFuck cars

Surely no one really wants to live in these conditions…? The cost to personal health and the increased financial burden on hospitals (and other infrastructure actually)

How can a better environment be brought about to the satisfaction of everyone?

Is it realistic to ban cars altogether? Electrify the bus service, and demand that all service vehicles be non-polluting?

How about heating? What percentage of the emissions come from heating homes and workplaces?

Did the work-from-home pandemic necessity reduce the pollution levels significantly, do we know?

That’s a truly astonishing graphic!

There used to be a nice little website @ opensource.cooking, but it doesn’t seem to be running any more. :(

:) Thank you. It’s a tasty, vegan, easy, cheap staple here. We had it for lunch as a matter of fact.

The in-development Linux 5.17 kernel is introducing mainline support for the StarFive JH7100. (The phoenix rising from the ashes of the BeagleV Starlight board.) …

Being awarded to David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy, Stephen B. Furber, and Sophie M. Wilson “for contributions to the invention, development, and implementation of reduced instruction set computer (RISC) chips…

Uploading archive to Hashbase

I’ve been messing around with Beaker, and I created a webpage, but when I tried to upload the archive into Hashbase, it hangs. …

In the light of other recent posts:


More than 50 Nobel laureates have signed an open letter calling for all countries to cut their military spending by 2% a year for the next five years, and put half the saved money in a UN fund to combat pandemics, the climate crisis, and extreme poverty. …

I agree with the conclusion: “if we want to have a habitable planet in the near future… we’re going to have to hold billionaires accountable for their excessive emissions in a real way.”…

Bangladesh, Samoa and Vanuatu advocated criminalizing environmental destruction during the annual meeting of the International Criminal Court in the Hague…

Plenty to see in the long-dark skies this month. …

The UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change says “Avoid, Shift, Improve” - and they’re right…

I hope this ruling gives the UK government enough reason to change course, and that we will no longer have to live life under constant scrutiny. (I’m not holding my breath though) …

I maintain that we all have a right to privacy, as inconvenient as that might be for our governors. So… another good move from the incoming administration in Germany…

About 290GW of new renewable energy generation capacity, mostly in the form of wind turbines and solar panels, has been installed around the world this year, beating the previous record last year. On current trends, renewable energy generating capacity will exceed that of fossil fuels and nuclear en…

we are asking the antitrust authorities in Europe to enforce a level playing field, giving customers a free choice and to give competition a fair chance. …

I guess this is RPi signalling that they want to become a bigger computer company - perhaps they’re taking the Apple / Nvidia lead of “ARM is the future of consumer electronics”, and saying that they’re already a strong player in the field. …

The United Nations embraces open source tech to reach Sustainable Development Goals…

Hmmm - there’s no Beagleboard logo on this SBC, and nothing on the Beagleboard website so far as I can see… …