There’s been an influx of content surrounding lemmy here. Some of it is open ended:

  • “What kinds of things from reddit would you like to see Lemmy avoid as the user base grows?”
  • “Lemmy, what do you call users of Lemmy?”

And these are a-ok! There’s also been a lot of questions like

  • “How do I block a user?”
  • “How do I join a community on a different instance”

These aren’t open ended (at least, relatively). They are objective based, and just need a resolution, rather than discussion. These sort of questions are more relevant to !

I know there’s also questions like “What are you guys doing when there’s multiple communities for the same thing across instances?”. I’m inclined to let those stay, there is lots of opportunity for discussion. It’s a game of discretion from a moderation perspective, but I assume most can easily guess what is cold hard support.

At least from me, moderation of support posts has been sporadic at best, despite the long standing rule. I will begin redirecting these questions to !, however I’m of course willing to listen to the community here if that’s not what is wanted, as well as other feedback.

edit: support posts will now be removed, not locked

  • EvanOPM
    211 months ago

    For posterity, the post in reference is this

    Why are community subscriber counts different when watched from different instances?

    I created two accounts on two different instances and all the communities I see have different subscriber counts depending from which account I look. Why does that happen and how can I see the real subscriber count?

    i’m having trouble understanding how this isn’t a support request. It’s a (Why|How) <confusion with lemmy that has a single answer>.

    . This seems to be a post that would help many understand

    Yeah, all the support posts are like this. We get the same five over and over, but this community is not for support. I wouldn’t keep questions about knitting in ! because they are helpful. This is simply not the place, unfortunately.

    Why do you think it’s not a support post?