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“Project Maven” being shut down is a publicity stunt

Citation needed. This sounds like speculation. Your link failed because the article was written before the Maven non-renewal announcement.

That article is from 2018, when Google was still working project Maven. After protests, Google opted not to renew the contract.

Google did the right thing in that case, unless you know of some operation for Google to stealthily continue the contract (which is what happened with Google’s anti-immigration ICE contract).

Employees at Amazon and Microsoft have petitioned both companies to drop their contracts with ICE and the military, but neither company has caved to the demands.

That’s very typical of those two companies. MS & Amazon simply flips the middle finger to their employees, routinely. They don’t even pretend to give a shit.

Google is a bit different. Google usually listens to their employees, and they back out when there’s enough pressure (e.g. project Maven). But I know of one case where Google got caught secretly going back to work on a project that they publicly renounced. So Google can be sneaky and it’s unclear to me how often Google just goes into stealth mode amid PR maneuvering. It can’t be easy for them to keep a whole project or contract secret.

I’ve not read the article in detail yet but will be interesting to see what Google is involved in.

You say “recent” but I’ve seen this bug for a long time. I think you’ll find the bug in old code.

Copy Netflix

Every post should have a different score per reader, not per author, prediction-driven, based on how a reader has voted in the past and weighing in votes from others based on the extent by which the reader’s past votes align with other voters.

Complex? yes, but if you ignore complexity this is what best serves the community. I want posts I’m most likely to find insightful to rise to the top of my own view. Posts I’m unlikely to draw value from should be folded (click to expand).

Javascript prevents caching

Browsers temporarily cache pages so if you briefly leave a page and return, it doesn’t have to wait to reload the page from the server. But when the content is entirely unreachable without javascript, this advantage is lost. Since dev.lemmy.ml struggles to perform well, returning to a page adds to…

It’s the only forwarding service that’s wise enough to support PGP encryption from their server to you, thus shielding the payload contents from the provider of your permanent accts.

I wouldn’t mind self-hosting an onion site (so my posts can remain somewhat anonymous). However, lemmy.ml most likely can’t handle onion URLs.

ah, I overlooked that. Guess it’s good I did… maybe Lemmy can improve.

It’s always a struggle to find a pastebin service for images. I won’t use imgur because it’s CloudFlare and Tor-hostile. This onion site used to work well, I think, but ATM it gives errors:


Even if it did work, I don’t suppose lemmy.ml would be able to handle a .onion link.

https://pix.toile-libre.org is Tor-hostile.

pasteboard.co used to work fairly consistently but lately it’s quite glitchy. I get the impression pasteboard.co accept pics from Tor users but does not let Tor users view them. It’s sad to see that pasteboard.co apparently uses AWS (I don’t like to support Amazon). It’s a sad state of affairs.

  • The Mastodon API is poorly documented.
  • Impossible to login using your userid, and if you forget what email address you registered with there is no way to get your email address using the API if you normally login over via API.
  • The web UI is fat – uses too much RAM.
  • All nodes disable searching for phrases - you can only search for userid or hashtag.
  • No universal way to mention Twitter users. It would be useful if Mastodon users could mention twitter users as a way to make it possible to gather msgs to those not yet smart enough to switch to Mastodon.

This will be more useful to stalkers than the intended use. Send an email to your victim’s personal account with this URL in it, and to their office account w/another URL. Repeat at different times to find out when they’re at home and when they are working.

Spamassassin is vulnerable to this. Even if you’re smart enough to use a text-based MUA, Spamassassin has a bug that not only follows URLs but leaks to the attacker what DNS server you’re using (thus your likely ISP and approximate region of service). This bug has not been published.

The article makes no mention of FERPA. I’m not sure the phone tracking violates FERPA since it’s optional to even have a phone. But students without phones will be fitted with wrisremovedches, apparently by force, which I suspect violates FERPA. What will happen? I think nothing, because schools already violate FERPA with reckless disregard and when it’s reported to the US Dept. of Education, the DoE does not act. The DoE is required to cut off federal funding when FERPA is violated, but no one forces the US DoE to enforce FERPA, which renders FERPA useless.

If I were a student, I’d be tempted to carry 2 phones. The tracked phone would sit in a locker all day and the carried phone would be in airplane mode (only to be used for apps and outbound calls). I wonder how many students would be smart enough to carry a 1980’s pager for inbound calls.

mid-drive motor kits are only for people taller than 5'9"

In the search for a mid-drive motor kit I’ve found that most distributors neglect to state the size of the crank arm. The few that do have chosen a size that’s optimum for people 5’9" or taller. …