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“Privately” and sign up with Google and Facebook are opposites statements

Have you even read the article? The Arkenfox user.js makes a lot of work for use. And the last part of the article consists on a list with various about:config options that are recommended, separated in three level of privacy.

I’ve done every step on the guide and this hasn’t happened on my browser. Idk if something changed on Arkenfox or anything. It looks like the Tor browser. It’s weird.

It’s a good article. Although not any new information, I hope that “normies” read it and start using something else. Hopefully something non-chromium based

But that wouldn’t be free software. An essential freedom of free software is the freedom to freely modify and redistribute it.

Anyway, the license you’re looking for may be CC BY-NC-ND but take into account that CC shouldn’t be used with software, so it’s more for creative work. (License explanation: https://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/)

It isn’t a free license (it doesn’t let others to redistribute or sell the content) so I advise you against using it, but since you’re asking for it I answer your question. Now is your turn to choose the right option.

I made the guide trying to achieve the best protection as possible, so everyone could choose the perfect level of protection for themselves.

I recommended an add-on for those sites that break so you can temporarily turn off certain privacy features and make they work: Privacy Settings https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/privacy-settings/

Well so you have a misconception of liberalism. Liberals are usually defined as capitalists lib-right people that believe in the free market economic theory. A better term to use would be neoliberal since liberalism was back on the during the 17th and 18th centuries.

As you can guess, I, as an anarchist, don’t like liberalism at all. Neither does libertarian communists and libertarian socialists that are also non authoritarian believes. So yes, you’re excluding pretty much everyone that isn’t a capitalist (since liberalism and capitalism are strongly bonded)

The only decent option is Firefox with a few tweaks. I’d avoid chromium if you want privacy.

Anyway, I guess that ungoogled chromium is the less horrible option if you totally need chromium.

The about page literally says “for liberal minded people”. That’s excluding a ton of people.

I’m not communist at all, but I’m not liberal either. I’m anarchist. And believe me, I probably hate authoritarianism more than you. But I don’t agree with a lot of neoliberalism ideas

You’re right, Apple requires browser to use WebKit on their platform.

What I said tho, is that WebKit takes a lot of their code from blink. Blink was created as a WebKit fork. As you probably know, maintaining a modern web engine requires a lot of effort. What WebKit does to keep itself updated is to get the code from Blink removing chromium specific parts. So at the end, WebKit is only a reduced version of chromium.

You’re wrong. I don’t even like open source software. I exclusively use free software. And yes, I have a librebooted laptop which is my daily driver with a free, as in freedom, BIOS.

I respect artists and I think that they deserve to get paid and make a living with their art. I love visiting art galleries, reading and listening to music.

The problem with games is that they execute code in my machine. I don’t want any code to be executed in my machine if I can’t know exactly what it’s doing. This gives me freedom and digital sovereign. This is how things should work. This is what I believe in. So no code will be run on my computer if it isn’t free software.

And the software I use isn’t useless at all, since I can get my job done with this software. So I guess that it’s pretty useful. It isn’t a little bubble, you have thousands and thousands of pieces of free software you can use. At least you need something really specialized, I bet that you can do it using free software.

Edit: fixed some typos

Libreboot can’t be ported to post2008 machines (yet, although I don’t think this is happening anytime soon) because they require proprietary blobs for booting. That’s caused by Intel’s ME and AMD’s PSP.

So if this machine has an AMD processor, it can’t be supported by Libreboot.

Of course that it isn’t. But if a device supports libreboot it means that it supports the Linux-libre kernel, so you can install a 100% free as in freedom distribution

Libreboot completely remove Intel ME, so yes (be careful because Coreboot does not). Fortunately, the x200 is compatible with Libreboot

The problem goes deeper than that. Libreboot is a must have