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Because it couldn’t possibly be more clear that existing political systems are committed to behaviors that will cause our extinction, one has to ask: can we just sabotage the fossil fuel economy out of existence? In this episode, we assess three answers to that question, and the underlying psychol…

They were ethnic Germans living along the Volga River and in Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. The vast majority of ethnic Germans living in the Soviet Union were packed onto stock cars and were sent to Central Asia or Siberia in 1941/2 after the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union.

Breaking: My family who lived in the soviet union til it’s collapse think it was bad, particularly my two great grandfathers who were killed because they didn’t like the idea of deportation to the central asian steppes.

You can create communities by yourself my friend. Just click the “Create Community” in the navigation bar

I am a lurker on this forum and have been for a few months. I kindly ask you to fuck off and stop creating alt accounts. No one wants to listen to your cult bullshit here.

I don’t see anyone talking about a war on climate in the article

  • Economic forecasts predicting the potential impact of climate change grossly underestimate the reality and have delayed global recovery efforts by decades, a leading professor has said. …

Do you have a good article on the chinese leases? Sounds very interesting

Sounds interesting. What exactly is the goal or a possible use case for this project?

I agree! We should try to change the narrative towards a more constructive angle, talking about what makes lemmy unique.

This sticker was made shortly after I joined lemmy and wanted to start some kind of guerilla ad campaign where lemmy users could print out stickers and posters and market lemmy in their city or area. But life happened and other things became a little bit more important for the time being so I just decided to release the best sticker design

SVGs are available but they are on my other computer. Will attach the files to this post and ping you tommorrow ;)

I could certainly do a version without mentioning reddit. Do you maybe have an idea for an alternative slogan?

You are right. Just as another example, Egypt with it’s 100,000,000 citizens relies on the Nile river for 97% of it’s drinking water. Drinking water availability and quality is already poor and will get worse once Ethiopia starts filling up their Grand Renaissance Dam effectively gaining control of the river’s flow downstream. Egypt is basically a bomb waiting to explode.

Yes, I am excited to hear more from DARKSIDE! I am not familiar with Harrington but Jaar always delivers.

I will subscribe to weekly ruqqus news

I can highly recommend it!

thats why I always have to search “four tet side project” to find the tracks

/r/CollapseScience wiki - A great collection of scientific papers on collapse and collapse-related topics (climate change, electric cars, societal effects)

This wiki is relatively new but it is already an extensive resource so I thought you people might like this…