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The individual contributions submitted to date would only cut about 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions — a far cry from the 45% cut needed by 2030 to meet the 1.5 degree goal, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

I could however see such systems being implemented at the get go for new developed city blocks as much more beneficial than having just one row of housing within an old city block have all the vacuum action like it is here.

Yes, a centralized system for a whole new city quarter might be viable for most waste. However, waste like big electrics or furniture still needs another way of collection.

I think a system similar to the one described by seems to be the best solution for most places.

Daft Punk 1993-2021

I feel so sad. Two of the most influential electronic musicians of all time break up. I always had hope for a chance to see them live. RIP DAFT PUNK
I will be in my bunk crying…

Just have a lookplus-square

Disclaimer: I don’t know about the threads posted about. Maybe they were really against the rules…

And of course it is possible to set up your own category or instance but i think it would maybe be worthwile to have a discussion about these topics, especially if someone makes the effort to do a post explaining their position. We shouldn’t just tell everyone who might have problems with the moderation of a sub to “just set up your own instance”.

Nah, put them into camps and let them rot there. Like we are already doing in the EU.

An Ace of Spades clone! I played the original A LOT back in the days. I completely lost track of what happened after I stopped playing but I have heard that the original is kinda dead nowadays so it is cool to see people developing clones that seem to be popular.

Just another example of how all the complex systems that humanity influences can interact with each other to cause unforeseen problems.


me when I learned about climate change

The article focuses on the mRNA vaccines and I agree with the points mentioned. mRNA vaccines are a (relatively) novel approach and there are not enough capacities to produce enough of it. But vaccines that use more established technology like the AstraZeneca vaccine or Sputnik should be easier to produce. I am curious whether we use all of our available capacities for them.

This reminds me of the “plane crash corner” from the Hello Internet podcast. Gonna listen to an episode when i have the time.

A sad story indeed :( But I have recently learned that the Tasmanian Devils are adapting to the transmissible cancer that nearly wiped them out. I think I will post a story about this later on.

Exactly, this also means that we do not only have to think about climate refugees coming from the Middle East and Africa to find a safer place in Europe. We will have our own homegrown climate refugees from the European south who will need new homes in addition.

Thanks a lot! I will make sure to check them out

looks interesting! I also have played around with the idea of growing my own mushrooms. Can you recommend a tutorial for the Uncle Ben’s method?

Robbin' who?plus-square

This agrees with things I have read before about CO2 fertilization. Some climate change “critics” like to use it to claim more CO2 is actually good for forests and agriculture but there is good evidence that this is not the case.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Hey, just wanted to ask what your favorite podcasts are. I’ll list a few of mine below. …

Thanks a lot :) Will try to make it more active