The Earth Died Screaming

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I don’t see anyone talking about a war on climate in the article

  • Economic forecasts predicting the potential impact of climate change grossly underestimate the reality and have delayed global recovery efforts by decades, a leading professor has said. …

Do you have a good article on the chinese leases? Sounds very interesting

Sounds interesting. What exactly is the goal or a possible use case for this project?

I agree! We should try to change the narrative towards a more constructive angle, talking about what makes lemmy unique.

This sticker was made shortly after I joined lemmy and wanted to start some kind of guerilla ad campaign where lemmy users could print out stickers and posters and market lemmy in their city or area. But life happened and other things became a little bit more important for the time being so I just decided to release the best sticker design

SVGs are available but they are on my other computer. Will attach the files to this post and ping you tommorrow ;)

I could certainly do a version without mentioning reddit. Do you maybe have an idea for an alternative slogan?

You are right. Just as another example, Egypt with it’s 100,000,000 citizens relies on the Nile river for 97% of it’s drinking water. Drinking water availability and quality is already poor and will get worse once Ethiopia starts filling up their Grand Renaissance Dam effectively gaining control of the river’s flow downstream. Egypt is basically a bomb waiting to explode.

Yes, I am excited to hear more from DARKSIDE! I am not familiar with Harrington but Jaar always delivers.


I will subscribe to weekly ruqqus news

I can highly recommend it!

thats why I always have to search “four tet side project” to find the tracks

“Our results for a business-as-usual pathway indicate that especially in the second half of this century, unprecedented super- and ultra-extreme heatwaves will emerge,” explains George Zittis of The Cyprus Institute, first author of the study. These events will involve excessively high temperature…

I am actually surprised how many people are walking around down there.

I think sci hub used university accounts donated by users to access papers but I don’t know if they still do it tbh

Actually an interesting idea. It would be interesting to see what the biggest sources of these chemicals are and when they were introduced to today’s industrialized societies just to see if they coincide with a dip in reproduction.

Widespread infertility also means that only rich people will be able to get children by artificial insemination while the less fortunate will have to try to get kids naturally and most likely won’t succeed. I don’t even want to think about the societal rift that might occur because of this.

Have her book on my to-read list. This is one of the most underreported health problems imo

wow what? did they give any reasons?