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This has to have been discussed before right? Because yeah this is a very strong argument not to self-host. Naively I’m wondering if there can be archives backed by IPFS or something but that’s so much data it’s scary.

It’s worth pointing directly at how YouTube is a bad tool for what creators are trying to do as evidenced by the constant dancing around what the algorithm considers “advertiser friendly”. When’s the last time you watched a YouTube video and they didn’t have to censor themselves either explicitly or by thinking out loud “YouTube will flag this”?

Creators want to be apart of a community moderated and curated by real humans just like their audience, I would guess, and it’s exciting that PeerTube is postured to support this! I don’t think it’s a hard sell really other than the monetary landscape will get rattled but I imagine that’s a solvable problem too.

Gemini puts content first! It’s more hackable than Markdown—the parser for my gmi-to-html JS implementation gmi-web uses a one-line regex. This makes it super easy to publish content to either gemini:// or https://. The protocol is only interesting to me in-so-much as it’s a network based on text/gemini and so aggregates lots of good content to read.

This is a maintained version of GUS: gemini://geminispace.info

as you can see by recent updates here: gemini://geminispace.info/news

Cheers to everyone involved with restoring lemmy.ml! Can’t imagine waking up to a literal server fire.