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Nope, never have. I got lemmur from Fdroid.

I have a problem with this. When I download any of the three android APKs from github and try to install it tells me “App not installed”. Is there a way to fix this or is it possible I’m downloading it incorrectly?

Apparently I can’t edit comments either so I’ll reply. You pretty much just have to soak the log and keep it enclosed to retain moisture. The mushrooms grow themselves from the log in about a week. Harvest right as the veil (the part that covers the gills on the underneath of the cap) comes off. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Sorry, I’m not used to not getting notifications from comments. Nope, they’re super easy to grow. I reccomend buying a shiitake log if you’re new.

Can’t believe we have to have a guide for fighting cyberfido.

I think “if it’s free then you’re the product” is good general advice to keep in mind using larger applications. I don’t think it applies well to smaller projects though. It’s a good system to think about but I do agree that it’s not a great phrase.

I’m brand new to Lemmy but overall so far I think you all are doing great. I appreciate the diversity in the political views of the team too. I find Lemmy much more usable than other sites too in how it’s not as overfilled with garbage like a lot of digital media has become. Overall great app, no complaints from me and thank you for running Lemmy.


The first cell phone was made by Motorola.