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chats are fine. the real problem is facebook groups that replaced traditional forums. i mean, it’s essentially just a simplified discussion board designed around “the flow”, and as thus, is no way to share and distribute information, especially since you can’t really navigate it in a way to find the right answer. so every day it’s the same five questions asked over and over again, and with facebooks rules on trade for non-corporate entities, it’s essentially killing some hobby industries. though, you’re right in that a lot of people have also moved to discord as some kind of forum replacement, and it’s even worse for the purpose of information distribution.

not that reddit or lemmy are any better. i mean, they suffer the same problem due to the way information is meant to work on them, yet people use them as forum replacements.

basically, the real problem is that people have abandoned traditional forums and use these convenient platforms as replacements. but it loses a lot of functionality along the way. and it’s a sacrifice that most people just don’t care about due to the convenience.

frankly, i find the name enough on the nose to be brilliant. love it.

WriteFreely isn’t really a community platform, just a clean and simple blogging platform with a paid exclusive interaction module.

A lot of devs are looking to cross-platform with mobile now, too.

SteamDeck is probably on many developers mind as well. Valve really need to focus on battery life (the only negative imo) and I don’t see that happening by improving overall hardware power use for better performing chips.

Furthermore, both apple and microsoft are now shifting their hardware platform focus to ARM.

things are shifting away from the top end raw power. so it makes a lot of sense, really.

if your aim is for the fediverse to be filled with vitriol you might as well not bother and stick to commercial platforms. it would defeat the whole point of federating servers.

you mean like how commercial social media literally push you to be in constant conflict because it drives user interaction and helps them generate wealth while also destabilizing nations and causing violent conflicts as a “reasonable” consequence?

no thanks, i want to be able to exist without perpetual idiocracy. i’m pretty sure their rhetoric causes brain damage at this point. let them be dumb on their own. and their world slowly crumble as they kill themselves off with antivax, nomask, guns, bleach, etc.

it’s a problem that eventually solves itself when their belief is confronted with actual reality.

i hate that i am forced to use facebook for a number of reasons. the main reason though, people use facebook because that’s where people are. so for people to not use facebook people would need to populate another platform where people are, before people are there. it’s a catch-22.

if the fediverse could have a unified interface for all platforms within the fediverse, conveniently interconnected by a single app/interface, so every platform would be populated instantly, and users started contributing content to each of them. the fediverse would stand a much bigger chance to get big. especially if a new type of niche platform could be invented to bring a lot of users over who aren’t actually interested in the fediverse for the fediverse sake.

i mean, if you could use mastodon, peertube, goldfish, mobilizon, pixelfed, owncast, writefreely, etc. etc. etc. all under one umberella of access and convenience. without bugs and inconvenience and poor loading time, etc. and figure out an attraction that users want to experience (filling a gap of social media that doesn’t already exist). then the momentum for population growth and content creation on all platforms would naturally grow (in the west). facebook etc is impossible to kill because of net neutrality laws in some countries. but citizens of those countries generally don’t have access to the internet anyway. and the day they do, they would probably want to explore this unified service. let’s call it… a unified fediverse, or universe for short.

There are tons of challenges for Mastodon to overcome though. It’s not able to aggressively market itself because it doesn’t have a budget to challenge the big social media networks without getting actively crushed by them. No commercial interest wants to move to the fediverse because they can’t exploit it and use it as a marketing platform. It also can’t afford to strike deals in countries with no net neutrality laws (in many poorer countries, facebook can be used entirely without a paid internet subscription; which effectively makes facebook the de-facto internet, as people can’t afford a paid subscription to access the rest of the internet). I.e. when facebook removed their free option in India, there was a massive surge of users coming to Mastodon, unfortunately this wasn’t capitalized on (in fact, it had a lot of resistance), and the momentum died down.

Additionally, some of the fediverse is currently being supported and funded by the EU, who also officially hosts a few services within the fediverse. A handful of people within the EU wants to end the american commercial monopoly of social media and are pushing for the fediverse to replace them. But for that to happen, a lot more need to change. For one, if they finally manage to ban facebook in EU, you could see a good surge of adoption for the fediverse if marketing is done right and have an actual budget (the social media called ‘Band’ saw a big spike when facebook started banning a bunch of hobby groups - which was a missed opportunity, that should have been the fediverse, not another commercial ‘facebook’ clone, but the fediverse don’t have a budget nor convenient apps and resources to make people jump ship over here - i.e. if the team behind Mobilizon didn’t focus on france first-and-foremost, with the single biggest server being french (because the devs own server is always the ‘trusted’ server), and had an app available, Facebook/Band could have had actual fediverse competition).

i really don’t see the issue with that though. isn’t it great that they’re over there, rather than in here?

being swedish i would give the benefit of the doubt towards the denial from too similar name being legit. this sort of shit literally happens all the time, swedish bureaucracy at its finest.

writing an article about it after the fact and trying to dramatize it as some kind of attack is more likely the excuse to market their existence and try trigger some outrage for viral effect.

For the first part of the article, I agree wholeheartedly and I have been very vocal for years on how it should be illegal for the worlds governments to pay millions of tax money to a foreign corporation just to maintain the internal system of government. At this point, Microsoft is essentially a global tax and it needs to end. That’s not how anything else works, but somehow microsoft windows and all it’s proprietary software gets a pass. I’m glad Germany is making a second experiment to shift their government operations to linux, and this time, microsoft will hopefully not be allowed to sabotage the experiment.

As for the latter part of the article. As a concept, Minetest is pure awesome. It does everything it should do, enabling an engine to be built upon by the community. The failure of Minetest however is the lack of a stable mod developer community. Since Minetest only provides an engine and has left the gemeplay up to the modding community, it will never “work”. What I mean is, to date, no mod has stayed alive long enough to be relevant, actively played, and to become a fully featured game. You can’t build a successful community, a stream show, a youtube channel, a blog, a clan, anything - around a mod that may just stop being developed randomly by the whim of the author; which means exposure, fans, playerbase, and enthusiasm can never grow. There is near zero potential for “marketing” to bring Minetest forward into popularity and relevance among the gaming community because of this, which is the ingredient necessary for the game to be played, explored, and grow. If Minetest is ever to succeed, the dev team need to make and maintain their own core mod of gameplay that will consistently stay relevant for the community to enjoy; aka. stability. and unfortunately this goes against their mission, which is why Minetest will likely never mature into its own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Minetest and any exposition it gets. It’s one awesome project. But they really need to ensure stability through a core game mod, if they want to grow it to its real potential. No third party modder can give them that.

in modern times, guns are useless against a militarized police and a fascist militia that both out-gun and out-number the small pocket of reason.

i don’t agree to the existence of any faith. but pope francis really knows how to connect with people who aren’t ever going to subscribe to his faith, while simultaneously making enemies with those who do. pro-science, anti-capitalist, and the occasional troll. i don’t know if he writes his own script, but if he does, all respect to the man.

marketing marketing marketing. and timing the crypto madness, which gave them a huge marketshare and free word-of-mouth marketing access.

Brave puts most of their resources into marketing rather than development of the browser itself (unless the development helps with the marketing opportunity, like crypto).

i don’t use the mobile clients, only desktop. but for comparison, nheko is lightning fast and smooth (like telegram). but has a ton of bugs and lacks a lot of features (not to mention the interface isn’t very appealing). no client for matrix except for element offers all the current features because element is the main client used for development of the service and protocol.

people always want to argue when i say electron sucks. fact of the matter is, electron do suck, the reason most developers nowdays choose to use it is simply because it takes no effort to develop software with the thousands of free frameworks and resources on the market and the ability to make a multi-platform client with zero effort through electron, it’s also very easy to maintain. but this comes at a cost, no amount of optimization will fix the inherent issues of electron no matter how much you will it. again, electron sucks.

tauri is the future, as it seeks to resolve all the inherent issues with electron. but it is not mature enough yet for the market.

edit: full disclosure, i don’t actually use telegram for anything and i don’t support telegram at all. i don’t trust it and i don’t think anyone else should either. but i’m not going to deny the masterpiece that is the desktop client from a user point of view.

I don’t think anyone believes that DirectX has been ‘great things’ for the industry or players.

could fediverse be installed on an RPi4?
i've got an RPi4 not doing much legwork atm. is there an easy way to install and host lemmy on it? if not, maybe a mastodon instance?



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