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if i created content, my main concern would be to maximize profits without costs. i think, a delivery system allowing a content creator to push their content on multiple platforms effortlessly (as long as said platforms make money) could be an ideal way to create growth. that would solve creation. but, creating content without getting momentum is wasted effort, there also needs to be incentives for consumers of said content to use the platform.

current model is not strong enough to aid migration. none of the fediverse has an advantage, currently. mastodon is arguably the biggest, and they too have seen a drop in users since the hype a while back (when famous people also moved to the platform). the problem is to sustain migration and maintain growth. hype is not going to do that. hype is temporary. if there are no incentives, then the platform will die or be repurposed by a different clientel for reasons other than being a competitor to the corporate alternatives.

both creators and audience needs to be brought over, and to do so, there needs to be incentives to bring people over. i.e. if your personal creators income is higher through peertube, then you as a creator would use both peertube and youtube to maximize profits, if for an audience peertube has an advantage, then slowly the migration will happen. LBRY has a functional incentive but struggles for various reasons. if peertube finds a good equilibrium, it could shine.

but, like facebook, youtube also have deals in poor countries to provide affordable video streaming outside of a traditional subscription / data plan.

Corporate platforms earn money through ads, and this money trickle down to the creators. Creators bring viewers to the platform. It’s full circle.

The internet culture has shifted quite a lot in recent years together with its growing population. Nowadays, creators only create if there is a monetary incentives.

For the fediverse to bring creators over, there needs to be a monetary incentive for them. The fediverse being in opposition of both ads and profits, means there has to be a different model in place (just like how most GNU based software have an alternative model to keep their office doors open).

There are other problems of adaption to deal with as well, such as in many countries, facebook is available even without a paid internet subscription, which is why they entirely dominate the market and is for all intents and purposes ‘the internet’ in these places.

But yeah, like everyone here, I would love for there to be a huge shift back to a federated internet. But for the moment, these same individuals who were surfing the old web, are those who utilize the fediverse, while the vast majority of the worlds population, those who never experienced the free internet, are locked to corporate platforms and what incentives they have to offer.

Want to bring people over to the fediverse? Solve the incentives.

However, as mentioned, I don’t find it as easy to go look for old stuff on Matrix, at least not with its seach engine.

depends on the client i think. i haven’t had a reason to use it (and i mainly use elements since the other clients aren’t as far developed yet).

Missing an IRC client on cel phones able to transfer files, agreed… though I’ve never used IRC on a cel phone…

that’s another problem. the only irc client on mobile that won’t disconnect you the minute you close down the client is IRCCloud, which isn’t free.

There’s no purpose of encryption on public chats.

the public chats aren’t encrypted either. need a private room for encryption. so i suppose it’s a moot point for that.

(it can be used even on a console, without graphical environment)

matrix too, there is a terminal client available.

But at times I think Matrix seems like overkill for a support public chat. But the same as IRC, it also works for support chats, not denying that…

while i agree that it’s overkill for support chats, i do like the convenience of keeping everything within the same client instead of having to run several different chat clients on my system and bogging it down (my system isn’t a high end computer and can basically dies at the thought of running most electron-based apps). and matrix really is the end-all-be-all for that purpose, or, will be, once they launch all the features.

rawbacks of irc:

  • not always online, missing conversations, and people can’t contact you unless you leave your client online at all times, or pay for a bouncer.
  • file transfers is only supported on desktop clients and the vast majority uses web clients nowadays.
  • no video or voice chat.
  • no individual encryption.
  • no modern chat features like avatars, image support, quoting or correcting/editing/remove messages.
  • no easy interface management for ops to guide users to their channels and instead have to keep in topic as well as constantly remind people to move conversations to alternative channels.
  • no easy interface management for users to categorize their rooms or private messages.

i think the main function element has been missing this entire time, is a hotjoin voice channels (preferably with mumble). without that, it will never be possible to move anyone from discord.

spaces is a good thing yes, better than the communities function for sure. but i don’t see why they made it a priority over voice (the primary missing feature), when they had a somewhat functional solution already in place.

This can only be combated with another approach imo: Mining is not resource but time intensive. As in: No matter how many resources you throw at it, it doesn’t matter whether you run the “miner” on one or 200 computers, it will still generate the same sum.

This is how staking works for some cryptos, which replaces mining for the purpose of minting tokens. also called proof-of-stake (bitcoin is a proof-of-work).

edit: furthermore, bitcoin automatically adjusts the math to mint the same “amount” per cycle which is why energy and hardware becomes more and more competitive. it literally incentivizes people to use more and more energy to be competitive for mining rewards, even if it doesn’t need to be that way. if bitcoin never exploded all over social media, mining would be “cheap”, relatively speaking.

imo, bitcoin is an outdated cryptocurrency using archaic technology in quite literally every respect. there are far smarter, more modern, greater utility tokens, not to mention environmentally friendly solutions already available today. people just don’t care as much because it’s not all over social media. reality is, bitcoin is just the most popular, because it was the first cryptocurrency on the market. no other reason to it. it’s really, quite useless, for anything except make money for its owners sitting on piles of it like it’s gold.

but i have hope that, the more there are people who acquire awareness of the alternative cryptotechnologies, their functions and solutions, the sooner it could one day outpace bitcoin and similar useless tokens which holds its sole value from the proof-of-work concept. and hopefully shift the public consensus towards the future.

if you don’t mind using an electron app, and don’t want to pay for the service, and want some privacy with an all-in-one notes tool, then https://www.getoutline.com/ is probably your best pick. it is essentially a self-hosted open source version of https://notion.so - personally i use notion as i can’t host my own server reliably (they have a paid option, but the free works perfectly fine if you aren’t intent on organizing wikis with large teams).

but as much as it pains me to say for my personal use, i am in the process of switching back to evernote (using the nixnote2 client), as the growing numbers of electron apps on my system are essentially making my computer move at snail speeds (they are massive resource hogs). nixnote2/evernote is definitely not good enough for me and i do prefer my privacy and FOSS, but there just aren’t any non-electron live sync note apps available that will work with all mine and team’s devices (linux, windows, ios, android). as i share my notes with a small team and there just aren’t any options out there for my needs bare nixnote2/evernote (which is not good enough by a long shot, as i actually need faster sync and live collaboration (and preferably encrypted), but for now, it’s the ONLY option i can use that i’m aware of, and i hope some day there will be a fast non-electron all-in-one notes app with live collaboration outside of the apple ecosystem).

he’s questioning semantics.

but the sensitivity and taboo of the topic clearly makes it inappropriate and easy to take out of context, and understandably would have people up in arms, if it came from someone else. but i mean, we’re talking about someone who historically doesn’t know how to approach these topics due to his neuro-atypical tendencies.

Stallman is one of the leading figures for the free and open source community and one of the most prolific people with autism. GNU and FSF wouldn’t exist without him. He has done an amazing work for decades and keep delivering to make a better world for all of us.

The man has to deal with his disability every day as Media stand on the ready to pounce at any potential controversy they can spin around his character. This time around, they took a huge dump on his career by using his statement out of context to ride the Epstein wave and make money.

Now that he’s trying to get his career back, Red Hat decides to virtue signal in order to protect their assets.

This is not nice to see at all.

bridging fractured communities as a community platform is not important?

that sounds like a good way to avoid fracturing communities but how would it work in ways of moderation?

i work with marketing, it’s my expertise.

so we don’t have much of a chance in changing the world, if we don’t gather more people into the fediverse first.

kinda? but, while there is plenty of monetization going on over at reddit the vast majority of users are there to exchange information between each other rather than worshipping trend setters etc. which i think gives lemmy a unique advantage in the federated space to grow its userbase and encourage users to explore other platforms within the fediverse. but, content creators are one of the main driving force for user growth anywhere, even here, and they won’t participate on platforms that could actively cut into their income.

anyway, I hope you can join this project of mine if you are willing to volunteer. I need alot of people to help me do this. if so, wait until I’m ready.

i don’t think there’s much i can do to contribute, my main expertise is in user motivation and manipulation (marketing).

precisely, so a !main@startrek.com community makes very little sense for how communities are integrated through federation, a !startrek@mywebsite.com makes a lot more sense, but when there is a !startrek@mywebsite.com and a !startrek@yourwebsite.com you’ve fractured the community if both lemmy servers are federated. a !tng@mywebsite.com and a !ds9@yourwebsite.com makes more sense. you can’t really compare it to how mastodon as it’s an entirely different type of community platform.

there really isn’t a good reason imo. this whole anti-crypto movement stems from PoW (proof of work), which is shit, and modern functional crypto either never had it, or are moving away from it. there are options out there which are no more damaging to the environment than lemmy itself (i mean, we still need computers/phones/servers and power to use this service; which is damaging the environment). and not all crypto is unethical money grabs or ponzi schemes. the technology itself has a wide range of utility beyond monetary gains, and even on a monetary level cryptocurrency is only a bad idea as far as money is a bad idea in general. and even then, to create a foundation of ethical and environmental utility based crypto with a wide range of utility in all sectors of society, and encouraging wide adaption through content creators and users moving to a platform where they make money for themselves, is just a good foundation where everybody wins, intentionally or not on the users part, even if the mission of the crypto itself is not to function as a currency or wealth accumulation; the goal itself is a motivator that just helps push the cause further.

regardless. for there to be any growth in todays climate and culture of the internet. without monetization, there is just no way to challenge big corporations. creators use these tools, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. to make money. and users use them because that’s where they will find content and likeminded users. gone are the days of just raw community for the sake of community, where every site has a phpBB and every community has an IRC channel. today, everyone will move to where there is money to be made, because capitalism has corrupted every level society and there is no way to participate in society without either making money or losing money.

i would love for there to be a growing socialist consensus leading to communism, but in reality, we can’t challenge the current structure of capitalism until we get the average user on board, and the only way to do that is show them a better tomorrow for themselves through the only system they have ever known, and go from there.

then what’s the point of lemmy? a federated community is in a sense centralizing communication through multiple isolated servers. if each one is isolated from the other, and we have 10 different discussion hubs focusing on !chocolatecakes@cooking.com, !chocolatecakes@cookies.com etc, then the community is severely fractured and lemmy as a platform doesn’t work as it doesn’t take advantage of the integration at all. for it to work as a platform, cooking.com should be able to choose if it wish to include !chocolatecakes@cookies.com.

monetization for users is definitely one of the problems we’re faced regardless of platform in todays online environment and culture, but it’s especially problematic for peertube. no youtube content creator will ever be willing to migrate as their main goal of creating youtube content is to monetize it and no aspiring video creator is interested in producing content they can’t monetize due to the work involved in producing quality video as any view they gain on peertube is a direct loss on potential income from youtube.

one way to migrate and populate the fediverse could both be by distributing crypto to content creators as well as allow users to directly monitize their browsing routines. i mean, take Brave browser for example, you get paid just by using the browser - that alone encourages users to drop whatever browser they use today and start using Brave, and r/CryptoCurrency on reddit distribute crypto based on your monthly karma accumulation on their sub which has massively populated the sub in recent months (aided by the goldrush for crypto).


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