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Flag Disposal Boxes, An Needed Feature
OSM Needs flag disposal boxes as a tag these boxes are only for the disposal of United States Flags or an countries flag in general.

hmm weird, i know the project uses local network discovery to transfer files p2p try using chrome or chromium that’s what i’m using for it

make sure no vpn’s are enabled and both devices are on the same network

It is, works great transferring my videos from iphone to fedora laptop

Spotifyler rips it from spotify you can use the web free version to create playlists and browse other playlist, and if your privacy worried use tor while browsing https://github.com/Shabinder/SpotiFlyer

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/77010 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/77001 > > > **Organic Maps** is an Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced **OpenStreetMap** data and curated with love by **MapsWithMe** founders. > > > > * [Apple App Store](https://apps.apple.com/app/organic-maps/id1567437057) > > * [Google Play Store](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.organicmaps) > > * [F-Droid](https://f-droid.org/en/packages/app.organicmaps/) > > * [Huawei AppGallery](https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C104325611) > > * [GitHub](https://github.com/organicmaps/organicmaps) > > > > ## Features > > > > Organic Maps is the ultimate companion app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists: > > > > * Detailed offline maps with places that don't exist on other maps > > * Cycling routes, hiking trails, and walking paths > > * Contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks, and slopes > > * Turn-by-turn walking, cycling, and car navigation with voice guidance > > * Fast offline search on the map and bookmarks > > * Dark Mode to protect your eyes > > > > ## Why Organic? > > > > Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love: > > > > * Respects your privacy > > * Saves your battery > > * No unexpected mobile data charges > > > > Organic Maps is free from trackers and other bad stuff: > > > > * No ads > > * No tracking > > * No data collection > > * No phoning home > > * No annoying registration > > * No mandatory tutorials > > * No noisy email spam > > * No push notifications > > * No crapware > > * No pesticides

i love this app just osm data needs to improve heavily

nope all files are uploaded in the server for free

yea but it has seem to working fine currently, i think they are natively integrating their own bridge

well actually revolt has a matrix bridge to their discord server then their discord server to revolt. So matrix messenges are bridged twice I have no idea on how it works but I found this in their roadmap https://trello.com/c/xiTaKb2b/27-discord-compatibility-layer

agreed although the developer said they will not be making one, and will only support linux

there is an windows beta version too!

yea there supposed to add sms support to as well as matrix p2p module which would be really cool, although the project only a few developers so it relys on contrubitors and donations

yea i’ve heard that fluffychat is nice although ios users here. and in terms of adoption in the us the client would need to support ios and android such as element

it’s in alpha my bad but it’s the way the app lays out the messages, feels like an instant messenger not a matrix client