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Harvard’s study over 2 decades tells 96% Chinese citizens approve of CPC, so you are only practicing your xenophobia against China here. That eating increased to 98% post pandemic.

Can’t really say that you dissaprove of the CCP when you or your family may dissappear now can you?

Oh wow you are sure feeling big by getting your buddies to gang up on me like that

Quit with that whataboutsim bullshit.

Also CCP propaganda is not a neutral news are not a facts source. You can claim some western media are biased. There may be some politization of events for sure, but when you have other media like Al Jazeera are likely neutral non-aligned and they still talk about the genocide. What about the satellite images of all those prisons made in Xinjang?

Lets face it CCP assholes (and I mean the CCP not China) are very racist towards foreigners.

Either way if I truly am wrong what non biased sources you recommend?

If it talks like a wumao it likely is a wumao.

Btw I voted for Biden and the democratic party in 2020. The antipathy against the CCP is not among the GOP but rather across both sides of the politxal spectrum in the US, and the whole west.

The only place my sentiment is unpopular is only within the CCP itself

It already happened in January 6

People need to understand it is not as much when-ether we are economic left/right as big issue but rather this whole fiasco has much more to do with authoritarianism vs liberal democracies instead. Authoritarianism is what is really bad here regardless.

If you look at China under the CCP in 2021 they are very hyper-capitalist (even more so than the US) and are borderline feudal rn with the have’s and have not’s there. But still are authoritarian.

Well it does make sense if you see that most of them vote democrat, you have a hotspot of younger people, and colleges are located in urban areas, meaning greater exposure across different groups of people and ideas.

But to be fair the CCP is menace to the world regardless and must be dealt with

If it talks like a wumao it is likely a wumao

If China is eliminating a historically very significant group of Muslims, why would anyone else who is Muslim support it

It is not Muslims in the middle east, etc that support this, it is their corrupt dictatorships/monarchies that bow to China due to pure money and greed. They could not give a shit for anything else.

If it talks like a wumao it likely is a wumao.

Yep bullies won’t stop by asking them nicely. The Nazis only got stopped not through negotiations but rather they got invaded by the allied forces. Not saying we should invade now due to nukes but there are other ways to pressure China.

That is because of the main culprit which is rising wealth inequality and decimation of the middle class on a global scale.

Shouldn’t inflation be associated with the housing costs?

I know they are not just saying

toPrivacyThis is the way

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A mobile OS based on something like Tails OS may do the trick