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About to do the same.

Read this article if you still didn't get the time to analyze the privacy policy of WhatsApp.

Yeah, and it’s working on a completely new framework, the first version of which has released for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac. Things are gonna get more interesting with the next releases.

Is there a community for Minetest here on Lemmy? I’m a newbie.

Don’t you think that’s a thing to appreciate?

Fediverse Singularity

You can try Libre Office, it’s cool these days, plus what the other mentioned.

I got ur, we’re the same. For using YouTube, try Newpipe. For Netflix, you have torrents and telegram 😁. Even I’m into open source stuff these days and I suggest them, but very few of them car. Remember, if the person doesn’t know tech, it’s a sure denial.