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Have you heard what happens to countries that start to divest the US dollar?

Doesn’t Soulja Boy realize that in order to build a console from scratch one must first invent the universe.

Last time I asked about how one might change the IMEI everyone yelled at me assuming I was doing something extremely illegal for some reason. It was a bizarre experience.

We will certainly need the computers to calculate the rate at which the ice packs are disappearing, it’s too big of a problem to model without computers.

Man, am I insane, or does this all feel like madness?

I say f*ck it, Cover the aluminum unibody of macbook in leather from an endangered species, and ship each one individually by a self driving car to every customer.

Reducing the environmental impact of billions of computers and cellphones, and the batteries that all go in to them…well I guess it’s a bit like being on a cruise ship that’s sinking, and someone runs up with one single bucket.

Enjoy the good times while they’re here.

Is this true?

Yes, kids, every word…

Is this true?

I think if you’re human, and live on the planet Earth, you’re okay to exist anywhere on the planet more or less.

But if you’re not from Earth, sorry.

We should build a space wall

Dear Green Hackers,


-Pope Meat.

Fuck that, I’m starting my own place then, called middle korea, and everyone is welcome, fuck.

Damn, almost makes me want to move to north korea just to defect to south korea, that’s good money.

But what if we ate them?

We’ll fall for it every time too, because, maybe this time…

gets the wall