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Thank God, thank Jesus, I can finally drink vegan water! Thank you brother, for the good news!

Аnd now what? Do I have to look in some app to find out what I want to drink? If a person wants to drink, he drinks and you don’t need apps for that… And if some moron, someone said something that you need to take at least 2.5 liters a day, I have to admit it as an axiom! Well, I don’t want to drink so much water, then maybe I don’t need so much… otherwise, this is some kind of perversion, you did not think that I am a dwarf about a meter tall, for example, and where do I get so much water?! So the kidneys can fall off…


Just Lemur, just coffee #Russia #coffee #lemmy…

Lemur inside

deleted by creator

So, how to translate this app?! In strings can’t find any words for translating…

Ecuador:it is free to enter, test covid must be 90 days, to immigrate you must have or an Diploma or invest $30000 or to buy house or something.

Добро пожаловать!

What about the keyboard for smartphone?! Not using Google keyboard or Microsoft SwiftKey any open source project exist?!

They are Stupid! In Pleroma more then 50 000 symbols by default etc and so on!

Good work! It is on yunohost or else? Raspberry pi 4? RAM? SSD or SD?