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I mean maybe?

The point is that a real capitalist should have capital.

Yes. The emphasis is on work to LIVE here. If you don’t need to work to live, your capital “works” for you.

I read them a lot, sometimes when I am bored I just look at the public timeline. Now and then I mute a bot that I don’t care about, so I mostly see posts by actual users there.

Not just that, it will also have your IP on many of the website that other users visited through you…

No that exists, you just have a virtual router, like with Tor and i2p. You can run that on a raspberry pi with its own wifi and have an anonymous router.

their github says this:

The FreePN network daemon (fpnd) is a P2P implementation of a distributed virtual private network (dVPN) that creates an anonymous “cloud” of peers where each peer is both a client node and an exit node. Peers are randomly connected on startup and reconnected to new (random) peers as needed.

oof that’s dangerous

Why doesn’t their website explain how it works, aaaargh. It pretty much just says “like tor but like a vpn”

Sites themselves are one or the other, they have specific moderation teams that get instructions how to moderate (or not moderate). These rules do in themselves have political meaning. Not just in the US, but everywhere.

na willkommen hier ;)

Du kannst den ganzen sublemmys vom grossen englischen server lemmy.ml genauso folgen wie den diskussionen hier :) Dann ist es hier wenigstens nicht so leer.

ich kanns voll verstehen, dass es hier leer aussieht, glaube die meisten posten dann doch viel auf den lemmy.ml sublemmys

Firefox has been in dicline for a looong time. Is it slowing down or speeding up though? 12% of their user base isn’t that bad of a number, if they we’re on a downward trend anyways…

I hope firefox comes back, but I am not sure it’ll happen.

Crypto stands for cyptography imo not cryptocurrency.