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The start is really good but then the quality of both plot and animation drops off dramatically after ten episodes or so.

My theory is that Google search is optimized for the average user who probably wants to see what’s popular instead of exactly what he asked for. And disturbing search results should be avoided too because they upset people and upset people will browse the internet less.

This group actually says that religions were created with the intent on dividing people and are actually an archon invention.

“All other religions are bad” is a pretty popular element.

Also, spreading misinformation about vaccines and other conspiracy theories is dividing people. This is a pretty serious issue. For example, it is well known that Russia invests in social media trolls because that is a very cost effective way to weaken other nations.

Trying to start a religion I see. This was a fun read but I hope nobody takes this seriously.

Most programming tutorials are written by beginners for beginners and do not contain a lot of information.

I tried to find other people’s experiences about implementing complex board games yesterday but mostly found articles like “learn x by building checkers”. The top result was some medium article with unrelated points like “I learned that Kotlin is a great language”. I guess that is because today there are even more beginners than five years ago. Might be google optimizing more for the average user, too.

IMO it is highly unlikely that exposure to certain wavelengths is very harmful if the source is a phone but not harmful when the source is something else and there is more of it.

There is a security problem if packages can alter other completely unrelated packages. Nix has some of that. The worst case would be that in Guix one package can trivially infect everything in your system.

No shell scripting sounds great! I’m also very interested in GNU Shepherd.

How is running nonfree software? In nix I gave up on running some ML model because Cuda was a pain to get working.

It doesn’t make sense to believe that EM radiation from a mobile phone or WLAN is harmful because there are other stronger sources of radiation. There is radio and TV in the air, microwaves emit very powerful radiation that can block WLAN. There is a lot of solar radiation, too.

If you believe that mobile phone radiation is harmful (mobile phones are harmful for health and sanity in other ways, but that is another topic) you are essentially saying that some conspiracy has engineered mobile phones to emit waveforms tailored to harm humans.

There are many things harmful to humans to be upset about. For example, cotton is dyed even though there is very good-looking naturally colored cotton. Yet the things that capture people’s attention are those that don’t have any evidence behind them.

Maybe because it feels like an interesting choice? Side with lack of evidence or side with the vocal group of people who believe. But there are billions of questions one could ask. They are quite boring, really. The only thing that elevates the popular ones is their popularity and media coverage. And popularity doesn’t correlate with plausibility.

There is (was?) some big system log file that has no size limit by default. Don’t remember what exactly anymore.

How is Guix? I’ve stopped configuring my Arch after installing Nixos on one machine. Configuration feels much more meaningful in Nix, as you can use it on many machines and it won’t rot.

Nixos isn’t quick to learn, sadly. My main complaint is that there is no popular and good way to structure you configuration that could be given to new users.

I’m kind of concerned about security in Nix. Is Guix even worse because the scripts are Turing-complete?

EDIT: I hate that the nix language is mostly used to glue together shell scripts. Can you avoid shell scripting in Guix?

I have read the manga. There was a lot that I didn’t like but on the other hand I haven’t seen any better pop culture version of the history of science.

I find it a bit sad that all of Senku’s inventions make sense but only after researching them. (Except nitric acid in the cave, which is highly unlikely to form naturally) It is more exciting and educational to study it yourself but most people are not that good at finding information. On the other hand it would be really boring if everything was explained in full detail.

I can recommend Shin Sekai Yori. It is pretty different from typical anime, as it is mostly hard scifi. I found it just as good or better watching it the second and third time because of numerous forward references and visual puns.