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Matrix is the closest thing. It doesn’t use activity pub but it is federated. https://matrix.org/

Have you heard of https://cosmic.voyage/ ? It is a community scifi universe of sorts

IMO Solus Budgie is the most user friendly distro that I know of for non-techie people with Linux mint being a close second. I think others have already mentioned Solus in the comments, just thought I’d add a second vote :) My mom is using a Solus machine and my high school sister is using Linux mint. Neither is a techie.

The only explicitly rust plugin I use is rust.vim for syntax highlighting (and I guess ron.vim for ron files). I ditched rust analyzer after it crashed my PC on a large project multiple times

We do plan on doing weather simulation, but it will be some time before we get around to implementing it properly. Before then we want to simulate tectonics and glacial erosion in the world gen erosion code, have simulated real-time economics that players can observe/interact with, and simulate more with NPCs.

Have you checked out Keyoxide? It doesn’t try to implement all the features of keybase and focuses on the identity verification part. https://keyoxide.org/

Didn’t mean to offend! Mali is often overlooked as a country and as someone who grew up in Africa I try to help other people gain understanding.

FYI, someone from Mali (the African country) is Malian. Malay people are from Malaysia (in south east asia next to Indonesia and Singapore).

If you do host a lemmy instance, would you allow FOSS games to create communities there? (I contribute to Veloren and am in the Tomatenquark community)