Seems like this could be an interesting niche for a fediverse project. The only option that seems to think in that direction that I could find is Epicyon.

Seems like an ideal application of the federated technology. Start small as a neighbourhood sharing/bartering network and over time it can expand easily to cover an entire city or such.

I really think this would/could be a pretty cool addition to the fediverse, would love to see something with a trading section, mutual aid section for both people requesting support and groups organizing support and some kind of employment/gig section. That’s just my 2 cents.


This incremental approach is good because you can start without all the e-commerce trouble and build up a credible reputation. It would be very nice to do this type of transaction without paying commission. Keep us posted if anything develops.

There is karrot ( not federated, but still interesting



This is really interesting!


Hey, thank you for this.


Probably not what you’re looking for, but Hubzilla has a cart addon that is an online store you can host in a channel. Documentation is scarce and it’s a tad on the primitive side, but useable enough for simple shops.


Yeah, I thought about that too and I remember that a reputation system was extensively discussed for Hubzilla 1-2 years ago. But yeah, not really what I had in mind. Although I guess it would probably be feasible to implement something more like ebay etc. as a Hubzilla plugin.


Checkout OpenBazaar (peer to peer)


Is it legit as it looks ?


Dunno, but their about page reads pretty much as a tl;dr of all that is wrong with open-source blockchain projects…

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