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Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos and Bloomberg is owned by… well, Bloomberg.

They are hypocrites.

Android is not really FOSS though. Google took the Linux kernel and a few other things to give themselves a headstart, and then built a closed source userspace on top of it.

Even the panic this offer caused among blue ticks is worth it :) I’m enjoying the Schadenfreude.

DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results
Yet another slight from Duckduckgo, adding to the many they have done recently. I'm looking for a new search engine to be my daily driver. Any suggestions? Startpage? Brave?

Countless dead Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Syria…

Many in Cuba impoverished by an unjust embargo…

Do we need more examples? The West is extremely hypocritical.

Just another day in America. It’s newsworthy if America can go 24 hours without something like this.

Is this some bizarre fetish from an obscene corner of reddit?

I haven’t seen a good AAA game since Witcher 3. All the games I buy are from smaller studios.

He’s not a good person. But Elon Musk is a wrecking ball, going through the system and demolishing it. If he buys Twitter and open sources it, then the world will be a slightly better place.

I’m not an Elon fan, but I enjoy watching him take a wrecking ball through the establishment.

Windows is malware itself. No computer system is so ridiculously unsecure.

This is suprisingly level headed. But the problem goes away the moment social media giants go away. The problem with the internet are the monopolies. Once you don’t have monopolies the free market can function. Censorship ceases to be a problem when a single platform doesn’t dominate the conversation.

West is high on war and genocide after 20 years in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and Syria.

Linux gaming would not be exploding the way it is without Valve.

Sometime around the time when Windows 8 came out, Valve realized that Microsoft wanted to take over their business. No more Steam store, all games go through the Windows Appstore. As a result Vale has been suporting open source and Linux to prepare for the inevitable showdown with Microsoft.

Valve is not a charity for the benefit of open source and Linux gaming. It’s just business.

Do you agree? I don't think we're there yet, but I hear the battering ram pounding on walled gardens.

This is beautiful. It’s gorgeous.

I've been a long-time Elon skeptic. But if he does this, I'm open to being an Elon fan.

That is $54.20 a share.

Challenge accepted!

Just skynet things...

To be honest this is not the stuff I expected from NYT. Suprisingly anti-car and pro-public-transportation.

Senior officials at the European Commission were targeted last year with spy software designed by an Israeli surveillance firm, according to two EU officials and documentation reviewed by Reuters. Among them was Didier Reynders, a senior Belgian statesman who has served as the European Justice Commissioner since 2019, according to one of the documents. At least four other commission staffers were also targeted, according to the document and another person familiar with the matter. The two EU officials confirmed that staffers at the commission had been targeted but did not provide details. The commission became aware of the targeting following messages issued by Apple to thousands of iPhone owners in November telling them they were "targeted by state-sponsored attackers," the two EU officials said. It was the first time Apple had sent a mass alert to users that they were in government hackers' crosshairs.

Are trending communities really trending?
Whenever I click on a trending community, I see that there is hardly anything in there. Is the trending community algorithm working right?

Also vaccines are less effective against BA.2 with more breakthrough cases. Thankfully BA.2 is even milder than original omicron.

It's not a bad idea to be honest.

I just discovered osmapp.org after the post on HackerNews. It is a great maps "app" for android. I put "app" into quotes because it just runs on your browser. I am not sure if osmapp.org or organic maps will be my daily driver, but both are looking very good!

Workers of Lemmy who were working from home: Are you being harassed to return to the office?
After working from home for two years, we are being "encouraged" to return to the office. Most of us see no point in returning to the office and suffering through long commutes again. I expect it to get ugly. What about you?

The real number is probably much higher. I routinely play games on my Arch laptop that are neither verified nor marked as playable.