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If I read the “Red Hat Linux” part, I’m not sure if they are talking about an actual “Red Hat” distribution or the Red Hat enterprise. I would say the latter.

I’m looking forward to see what happens now with translations. Currently everything is available in English. The rest of languages are always secondary. I want to see what happens when Chinese only software and environments start to show up.

3 about the Linux Foundation, 1 about OSI, 1 for Mozilla and another one for Open Source/NSA. Neither surprising, in my opinion, nor downvote worthy (currently it is -1). It is nice that someone talks about this.

There is a command called docker system prune that deletes a lot of data. You can use it with -a --volumes to remove even volumes and all images. Don’t know if that’s what you want, but I found about that command the last month and it’s quite a good shortcut.

People started upvoting me and downvoting him/her. But my question was legit. I wasn’t trying falsify his arguments. I was just curious because I have heard of similar things near me.

I feel like it is faster.

However, my aim was to have a system that could be used without a mouse. Why? because I had neither a mouse nor a touchpad.

I use dwm. I use Vimium on firefox. I use cmus. I use vifm. I use mpv and feh. And of course, I use both Emacs and Neovim. Newsboat for rss. The only thing, email client: currently Claws. I’m not too comfortable with terminal or emacs email clients. But that might change soon. I also have a bunch of scripts I use for keyboard-driven usage of my system. It’s not enough with those 5 types of software you mentioned. You need to optimize everything for the keyboard. Something I really miss from every distro, because not a single one does this, afaik.

The poster for this new release is awesome!!! Check at: https://www.openbsd.org/71.html

I don’t know, but in Spanish, there are numerous ways to name men and women. And trends change year to year, so the slang to call each of them changes too… so it might just be a cultural or society issue. But well, I’m not in contact much with “common” people since I stopped using proprietary and enterprise software, so I only know about several terms from relatives and videos, but I can ensure that there is several of them. It might also be that Spanish is spoken in a lot of countries, which, I guess, might be the reason for this rich term variety.

I’m not a native English speaker, but I thought “female” and “male” were both used quite commonly. I guess I’m wrong.

I wish there was some way to actually test this things. It is impractical to make a research that lasts for decades, starting from childhood until 25 or something.

I didn’t need a scientific research to notice that all girls on my Spanish and English classes achieved better marks than boys, and that girls performed better on after-school English classes. But I guess, I’m happy now to know it is not a coincidence.

Wasn’t there an Internet bubble breakage (or however it is called) right on those days?

Just mentioned it because if the aim is to decentralize, they might not want to use a language solely controlled by a single organization.

I’m not sure what they mean with that. An alternative to Gnunet?

Anyway, I wouldn’t personally use a trademarked programming language without a standard for this, but well, if it is just a reference implementation, it’s fine I guess.

I would remove “is already publicly available” from your comment. What you are buying isn’t the actual thing. The problem is that people still think they are. And the biggest problem, imo, that they just buy to sell at a higher price, and fast. A market that its only aim is to sell at a higher price right after buying, must be doomed. But I’m not an economic expert, maybe I’m wrong.

Jellyfin: Bideoak kargatzeko denbora gehiegi

Jellyfin: Jellyfin is a free and open-source multimedia application suite designed to organize, manage, and share digital media files to networked devices.


Kriptomonetak CI hausten

Badirudi lotsagabe batzuk dabiltzala internetetik bueltaka Countinuous Integration eskaintzen duten doako zerbitzuak esplotatzen bertan kriptomonetak minatzen. …


Programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila: Eman zure iritzia

Kaixo. Iñigo naiz eta beste tokiren batean komentatu dudanez, programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila nabil. Programazio lenguaia bat perfektoa izateko ondorengo baldintzak ipintzen ditut:

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