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Edit: Just an offtopic comment about why it disgusts me to donate more than I already do to pixelfed.

I started making them donations 3 years ago because they said they were about to release the android app, so I felt obligation to show them my gratitude.

The app was published under a “beta” flag some months ago and it is pretty pretty bad for the time is should have been in development. Not to talk about that it is not free software either… I’ve been giving money for the development of a proprietary software… I’m disgusted. I guess that is why it is a pretty bad app. He had to do it all alone, while also moving forward pixelfed and fedidb. I’m sticking with pixeldroid for now.

That’s so cool. And I have never heard of it. And it even has the rex game.

I think it is related to this. I also have a really high trust value an email tester and I use a .com. It doesn’t really matter. The email service we have on our company must have some kind of whitelist of “trustworthy” mail servers. I have sent emails to my company address and they go to SPAM. I’m pretty sure the whitelist is pretty small, or at least it doesn’t include email services provided by non big companies. I use Migadu, btw.

I’m not sure about how much it is penalized .xyz for being .xyz, but if the domain is new or you don’t have DMARC, DKIM and all of those perfectly set, you will still keep having problems.

If this is not some kind of joke, it is sooo crazy. I specially like the Mercedes one.

ehm, this seems really really suspicious. Directly downloading an apk from a strange link…

I would’ve preferred if you had linked the following URL: https://mastodon.social/@pixelfed/109618139027744923 (a confirmation by dansup itself about the android app https://mastodon.social/@dansup/109618561554783472)

I just realized that only Lemmy wiki article before the english one was in basque.

I hope this is a copypasta. Isn’t it???

More than “we’ll go extinct” I would say “we are going extinct”

I remember when all the cool guys told me I was a freak for being so much time in front of a screen. I now live in the days in which I’m told by the cool guys that I’m a freak because I don’t spend all my time watching TikTok and Instagram.

dunno. In the past, I tried getting (addicted) into twitter 3 times. Failed. I tried mastodon once and I’m stuck now. I guess it works.

I guess that’s the disadvantage of giving the control of a software to a corporation. That’s what I’m scared of. We should not have to trust any entity with respects a software. It should be independent, free. But well, people seem pretty happy with Mozilla’s Rust management, I don’t know.

Maybe the same might happen in the future with Rust. Maybe if Google decides to go with Carbon and discourages the use of Rust for that?

I didn’t think about EEE. You might be right. Although I think using a trademark for that is kind of double edged. But I agree, I prefer trusting Mozilla than allowing EEE.

I feel a lot of fear for Rust (trademark)
I'm sorry for all the Rust fans out there reading the title, but it is true. I can't stop feeling fear whenever there is news about Rust spreading more around free software I have looked at the project and it is fun! I have known people that loved Rust and I wish I did too. I think the results the programming language is getting around performance and security are great! But I can't help feel fearful of its trademark. I have already accepted myself Firefox trademark. I kind of think it is *fine*. But being Rust a programming language, the foundation for software, I can only feel fear when I think how much software will be affected by trademark concerns. I think the discussion about this was reopened with a Debian bug that was then summarized on this [LWN article](https://lwn.net/Articles/901816/). I can't stop thinking that this trademark that, I think, was made to protect the users (?), is in violation of freedom 3 (*The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others*), which make compilers that compile Rust code with the Rust name on it non-free software. Maybe, it is not specifically the freedom 3 which is being violated, it might be another license clause. It's basically that the software with the trademark is at mercy of its trademark owner, so it could sent a cease and desist whenever it feels preferable, then not being completely free as in freedom. I thought the other day, "I think I read there is a new rust compiler with a gcc backend. That's so cool!! maybe that will fix trademark issues and I will be able to use Rust without any concern!". But seems like they are keeping the Rust name, which also keeps the Trademark. Moreover, I think gcc rust is going to gcc itself? (this is when I got stressed). We could all assume nothing bad is going to happen with Rust and that it is going to be a wonderful programming language and compiler for free software. But wouldn't we be going against the very principles of free software by making this whole community trust a single organization? Now I think called Rust foundation, but pretty sure under control by Mozilla. What if everything goes fine the first 5, 10, 15 years, but then the trademark goes against us and we cannot do anything because Rust is everywhere? I have always tried to ignore the trademark issue (because you know, it stresses me :), but back then I thought it would be better in order to protect Rust having a good specification (I think currently there is only an incomplete "reference") with a compiler that doesn't update and add so many features so often, so that alternative Rust compilers could be built and catch up the main implementation, instead of having a single ever-changing one as today. I would like to know how you manage to suppress these fearful feelings or at least how you feel about this philosophically nonfree software/trademark issue. Thank you for reading about my concerns :^)

My thought before reading the article: Is that Naruto on a covid article? wtf??

A little bit offtopic but…

I have always been interested on that page, but it just lacks what I would expect from a reviews page. Everything is like unordered, I don’t seem to find any good way to find reviews about specific topics. I mean, you can search for “film”, but it just returns a list of 10 films. And if I search for “marvel”, it just outputs whichever review that has marvel word in it… I can’t even filter by language…

I hope they enhance the page a bit more actually… The idea is good, but, imo, incorrectly implemented.

FSF’s aim is to be the model to follow regarding free software. No one is going to be more radical with free software as they will be, that means that the more they get near proprietary software, the less people will be really serious about only or mostly using free software, because if those that should be %100 libre, are not following their own principles, some tasks would become acceptable to be performed without free software. However, making more usecases to be acceptable through proprietary software, decreases the amount of people interested or interested in the future of free software, basically because you narrowed the free software functioning area, thus, returning again to the situation about “FSF’s relationship with [whatever] is harmful to free software users”. So what should the FSF do again? allow even more proprietary software? No. What they should do is stay firm, because they are the model to follow and the ones that say how it should be done. And I hope the FSF continues to do what they are doing today, because if they don’t, nobody will.

Then, that relationship it is in fact harmful, but it is the only long term way. If you don’t like it, you should not blame the FSF, but the vendors, but not really, because there are many that are trying to get near FSF’s ideals, and the more radical the FSF is, the closer those vendors/projects will try to reach FSF’s level. As on this blog post was mentioned, a company even got to design a phone, with > not one, but two processors just to get FSF’s approval. That’s amazing in my opinion, not something to be ashamed for. Although I must say, it was such a disgusting trick…

Long time ago, I created a script to take the link I had on the clipboard and download it as ogg. If it is useful to someone… https://git.sr.ht/~iortega/scripts/tree/master/item/download-audio.sh

You need xclip to make this work. It is POSIX compliant, so I guess it works on any UNIX system.

Actually, I don’t really play any games nowadays. I spend most of my free time learning japanese instead of on games. Although, if there is a game I occasionally play, that is Melee.

I thought tattoos and piercings were associated with aggressiveness, violent behavior and being part of dangerous groups (mafia or similar), so they would be less likely to get through job interviews. At least around here though.

GPUs used for mining purposes, might be a little bit burnt, though

charges 3 minutes and lasts 20 years? nah. Not on this system.

I have seen some wild cats around my house do the same thing (step into previous steps). I would say that’s instinct for survival. Not to leave tracks I guess.

This can actually be understood in several ways. And that is nice. My favourite: weight.

I know the topic is not about this… but as long as the service doesn’t run on free software, it’s like “I don’t care what you do” to me

I have doubts. Which of them is the one that does not exist (at least in earth)?

It’s always fun to see how most of Asia is red. And then Japan.

“If you’re […]” that’s the problem, they probably don’t really really care

Jellyfin: Bideoak kargatzeko denbora gehiegi
Jellyfin: `Jellyfin is a free and open-source multimedia application suite designed to organize, manage, and share digital media files to networked devices.` Ez dakit zergatik gertatzen zaidan baina nolabait bideoek kargatzeko denbora gehiegi behar dute. Jatorrizko kalitatean nahi dut erreproduzitu, horrek esan nahi du ez dudala transcoding eta ffmpeg behar. Eta hala da, makinan htop eginda CPUa ondo dagoelako. Baina orduan zergatik gelditzen zait bideoa blokeatuta puntu batean? Hau normalean hasieratik zuzenean ikusten ez dudanean gertatzen da, erdiko puntu batera mugitzean. ![](https://lemmy.eus/pictrs/image/KkUAw7SguT.png) Baina ez dakit, lehen bazebilen eta orain bai... Oso arraroa. Norbaitek Jellyfin erabiltzen badu...

Is it possible to search for an emoji font family given a picture of the emoji?
I'm not able to find that font. I have found some websites that work for text, but they don't seem to work for emoji. I'm using Firefox on Void Linux (old install) and Linux Mint (1 week old install, I didn't almost do anything). I have already tried to change fonts from settings, to check if emojis change, but I had no luck. I get these emojis on firefox, but not on Brave, for example. Here is a sample image of some of my emojis: ![](https://lemmy.eus/pictrs/image/HaIjdWrpaq.png) I have to note that I only get these emojis on firefox. And I know should know which fonts I have installed on my system. But I have never understood fonts on linux. Edit: I think it is Twemoji.

Dendrite Matrix zerbitzaria + Mautrix Whatsapp zubia
KONTUZ. Gida ez da formala. #### Osagaiak * Domeinu bat. Merkeenak _.party_ uste dut direla. * Beti piztuta egongo den ordenagailu bat (1GB RAMekin soberan eta biltegiratzerako zenbait giga hartu, nik 20GB). * (Aukeran eta idealki) Beti piztuta eta konektatuta egongo den "mugikor" bat. #### Laburpena/Baliabideak 1. Matrix zerbitzaria, dendrite ([docker gabe](https://github.com/matrix-org/dendrite/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.md), [dockerrekin](https://github.com/matrix-org/dendrite/tree/master/build/docker)). Synapse erabili daiteke, baina gida honetatik kanpo dago. 2. Mautrix zubia ([docker gabe](https://docs.mau.fi/bridges/go/whatsapp/setup/index.html), [dockerrekin](https://docs.mau.fi/bridges/go/whatsapp/setup/docker.html)) 3. Android bat behar duzu. Zuk ikusi nola. Makina birtual bidez, munduan ahaztuta dauden milioika mugikorretako bat edota raspberry pi batean android instalatuta. Ondoren dagokion [autentikazioa](https://docs.mau.fi/bridges/go/whatsapp/authentication.html) eginda. 3 pauso horiekin instalatzeko gai ez bazara, ondorengo gida sortu dut: https://wiki.iortegam.com/hypha/guides/eus/dendrite-mautrix

Kriptomonetak CI hausten
Badirudi lotsagabe batzuk dabiltzala internetetik bueltaka Countinuous Integration eskaintzen duten doako zerbitzuak esplotatzen bertan kriptomonetak minatzen. Baita ere hemen irakurri dut: https://teddit.net/r/StallmanWasRight/comments/mz00fm/crypto_miners_are_killing_free_ci/ Jendea Ethereum eta antzerakoak dago minatzen... gaur egun gauzak dauden moduan proof of work ia debekatuta egon beharko litzateke, honelako egoeretara eramaten gaituelako eta gainera asko kutsatzen duelako. Proof of Stake askoz ere alternativa hobeagoa da, baina nola Bitcoin alde horretatik atzeratuta dagoenez... ikusi ethereum, aldatzear daude. Bitcoinek oso gaizki eragingo dio kriptomoneten ekosistemari eta aldatzen ez bada, bi aukera bakarrik ikusten ditut, edo proof of work motakoak desagertu egiten dira edo denak desagertzen dira. Ez dut uste proof of work ordezkatzeko gai izango direnik moneta gehienak kontuan izanda zenbat kostatu zaion hori egitea ethereumi. Europatik, goi goitik etorriko da agindu bat, Bitcoin erabiltzea debekatuta ekologia arrazoiengatik, eta baliteke eskusa hori erabilita ya de paso kriptomoneta guztiak debekatuko dituztela, denak ekologiarekiko kaltegarriak izan ez arren.

Programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila: Eman zure iritzia
Kaixo. Iñigo naiz eta beste tokiren batean komentatu dudanez, programazio lenguaia perfektuaren bila nabil. Programazio lenguaia bat perfektoa izateko ondorengo baldintzak ipintzen ditut: - Ikasteko erraza - Erabiltzeko erraza - Kode ulergarria - Konpilazio azkarra - Exekuzio azkarra - Eramangarritasuna (portability) - Bateragarritasuna mantentzea bertsiotik bertsiora - Komunitate osasuntsua izatea - Software askea errespetatzea - Segurtasun arazoak ez izatea - Eta oso garrantzitsua ez den arren, hirugarrengoen paketeen banaketa egitea errazten duten tresna egokiak izatea (package manager) Baldintza gehiago gogoratzen baditut, hau aldatuko dut. Beno, ba nahi dudana da goi mailako lenguaia bat, behe mailako baten abiadura izan nahi duena eta bueno, bestek gauza guztiak. Lenguaia mota honen bila ibili naiz denbora luze batean zehar eta hona hemen nire aurkikuntzak: - **Java** (IcedTea) eta **JVM** lenguaiak: Beno, lenguaia ez dago gaizki nire ustez. JVM erabiltzen du, edozein plataforman funtzionatzea ahalbidetzen duena honetarako euskarria badago. Arazoa: Ez dut JVM erabili nahi. Javako programak ez dira nahikoa azkarrak. Memoria asko erabiltzen dute. Lizentziarekin arazoak daude. Eta argumentu gehiago daude hemen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Java - **Kotlin**: Javak uzten duen hutsunea betetzeko, Kotlin sortu zuen Googlek. Javaren oso antzekoa dena, baina badirudi antzera funtzionatzen duela eta mugikorretarako dagoela gehienbat eginda. Googlena izateaz gain, ez zait gehiegi gustatzen hala ere. - **C**: Hona hemen jokalari zahar bat. Bai, dexente gogoko dut, eta baldintzetatik asko betetzen ditu. Ordea, beste zenbait ere ez ditu betetzen. Azkarra, kode sinplea (kodeak berak erakusten baitu ordenagailuak egiten duena nahiko modu argian), eramangarritasuna, bateragarritasuna... Beno, baina ez da oso erraza programatzen, ikasteko pixkat zaila, segurtasuna ondo inplementatzea zaila da eta beno ba ez dago pakete kudeatzailerik. Alde oso on bat da, GCC existitzen dela GPL dena eta gogoko dudana. - **C++**: Hau baita ere GCCn dago. Ez dago asko esateko. Ez ditu baldintza asko betetzen. Bakarrik "Exekuzio azkarra" eta lizentziena (GCCgatik). Baliteke ere eramangarritasuna, baina ez dakit. A, eta gorroto dudala ere argumentu bat da? - **Go**: Hau gogoko dut. C++ ekiko alderantziz, honek ia puntu guztiak betetzen ditu. Arazo bakarra, oso azkarra ez dela lizentziekin... ai ai ai, eske googlerena da eta GCCko inplementazioa nahiko atzeratuta dau. Pena bat. Hala ere, asko gustuko dut lenguaia hau. Seguruenik hau erabiliko nuke aukera hobeagoak ez banitu. A bai, eta paketeak github eta horrelako forge-etan banatzea eta izatea pakete kudeatzaile egokiago bat erabili gabe... a ze txapuza. - **GCC**ko beste lenguaiak: Fortran, Ada, Objective-C, Objective-C++, D, Pascal, Modula. Ada unibertsitatean ikasia eta hasieran gorrotatutakoa baina denborarekin zergatik ikasi genuen ulertua eta eskertua. Beste guztiak, egia esan ez ditut ezer egiteko prest ikusten. Gainera hortik Applen lenguaiaren bat dago... Ikusi dezakedan bakarra, D. Baina hau ondoren azalduko da. - **Rust**: Programazio lenguaia hau erabili nahiko nuke seguruenik. Ordea, zenbait arazo dauzka oso azkarra izan arren, C bezain beste (ia). Azkarregi ari da hazten, orduan ezin da modu egoki batean mantendu, bertsio batean egokia den kodea beste batean balitekeelako ez izatea. Esaten dute oso portablea dela, ya... klaro... LLVM onartzen den plataforma guztietan bai (teorikoki?). Kriston kode piloa dauka. C++ kodea!. Miloika C++ lerro. Eta gainera, C++ ezin da esan ere lenguaia arina denik... Ez dakit konturatzen diren, baina Rust konpilatzeak kostatzen du eta asko. Cko konpilatzaile sinple bat konpilatzeak eta garatzeak nahiko gutxi kostatzen duen bitartean, Rust konpilatzaile bat konpilatzeko eta sortzeko... Beno gehiegizkoa da. Bena eta konpilatzaile bat sortzeari dagokionez, ezin duzu hori egin edozein kasurako ze bai Cargok (Rusten pakete kudeatzailea) bai Rust berak Mozillaren trademark bat dute. Trademark honek komertzialak ez diren kasuetarako baimen esplizitua eskatu behar duzula programa hauetan aldaketak egiteko eta hauetan oinarritutako eta hauen izena erabiltzen duten beste inplementazio batzuk egiteko. Hau da, nik ezin dudala nahi dudalako Rusteko konpilatzaile bat sortu eta Rust deitu Mozillakoek onartzen ez badute. Ez hori bakarrik, adibidez Cargo programan aldaketa bat egin nahi badut, adibidez %100ko GPL kodea bakarrik onartzeko nire banaketan, Mozillari baimena eskatu beharko nioke partxe hori aplikatzeko nire bertsioari. Beno, eta hau kasu esplizitu bat da non Mozillakoek dagoeneko esan duten ez luketela onartuko zerbait "astakeri" bat delako. Hau da, "freedom 3" izeneko azken funtsezko askatasunaren kontra dijoa (ingelesez: "he freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others ([freedom 3](https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.html)). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this."), ondorioz, software ez askea bezala dago kontsideratu beharra. Ez barkatu, ez da "bezala" kontsideratu behar. Software pribatiboa da, bere erabiltzaileei askatasunak kentzen dizkielako. Beno, ondorengoa. - **Mono**/Dotnet: C# basikamente. Microsoften produktu baten bertsio librea. Barkatu baina badakit lan handia egin dutela batzuk Mono exisitu dadin, baina nik ezin dut onartu. - **Haskell**: Kode elegantea. Nahiko azkarra baina ez nahikoa. Pakete kudeatzaile nahiko ona. Beno, asko disfrutatzen dudala hemen programatzen. ASKO. Gertatzen dena da, programazio lenguaia honek geroz eta kode gehiago erabilita arazoak hasten dela izaten: Dependentziak daude denbora guztian erabili beharra eta hauek asko asko pixatzen dute (dependentziak behar izatea berez ez izan arren oso ona ere). Gainera, kodeak karaktere eta itxura arraroak hasten da hartzen konplexutasuna handitzen den bitartean. Gainera, badirudi bere ebaluazioa edo funtzionamenduaren ondorioz ezin da ondo aurreikusi nolako exekuzioa izango duen (azkarra, geldoa, debuggeatzeko zaila...) beno. Pena bat baita ere. Badirudi GHC konpilatzailearen sortzaileak konponbideen bila dabiltzala dependentzien arazoa konpontzeko. Ea zer lortzen duten. Hala ere, nire ustez hala ere abiaduraren arazoa beti egongo da hor, abiadura hobetzeko teknikak egon arren, baina kodetik Haskellek duen elegantzia guztia kentzen diote. Bakarrik begira ezazue Quicksearch-en kasua (bere inplementazio elegantea eta inplementazio efizientea). - **OCaml**: Haskellen antzeko abiadura. Ez dakit, ez dut ikusten ezer asko konpontzen duenik haskelletik abiatuta. Behintzat izena guapo dau. - **JavaScript**: barkatu baina ez. - **NodeJS**: Barkatu. JSn dago oinarrituta eta gainera Chromen zati batzuk erabiltzen ditu, batzuk libreak eta beste batzuk ez. Jendeak badirudi ez dakila, baina hala da. Berdina Electron aplikazioekin. Software libre bezala kontsideratzen dira askotan, baina ez da hala, software pribatiboan dutela dependentziaren bat. - **Julia**: Ondo dago, baina zientziarako dago gehiago prestatuta, ez beno, ez da arrazista edo izateagatik, baina ni ez nago horretan interesatuta, baizik eta orokorragoa den zerbaitetan. Eta uste dut ez naizela zientzialaria. Zientzialari bihurtzen banaiz, seriotasun gehiagorekin kontsideratuko dut. - **Lua**: meh. Ez dut gehigarriak egiteko programazio lenguaia bat nahi. - **Guile**: gainekoaren berdina. Baina funtzionalagoa denez, nahiago dut. - **Lisp** eta antzekoak: Guapo legoke, baina ez dute efizientzia handirik. Bai, komun lisp gogoko dut baina nik ezin dut perfektua kontsideratu azkarra ez den lenguaia bat. Oso oso garrantzitsua iruditzen zait. Nahiko azkarra da baina ez nahikoa. Azkarragoak daude. - **Python**: Nola sartu da hau exekuzio abiadura garrantzitsua kontsideratzen den toki batean? atera hemendik orain. - **Ruby**: Beste bat? - **Perl**: Hau broma bat da. - **Smalltalk**: Esaten dute irakurgarriena dela, baina ezin dut onartu. Ez omen da oso azkarra. - **Zig**: Ondo dago baina gustatuko litzaidake ez balu Rusten insperazioa jaso. Gainera, iruditzen zait ez dela nahikoa goi mailakoa. Seguruenik Rust erabili ordez, Zig erabiliko nuke. Rust bezalakoa da, baina hobeagoa, sinmas eta lizentzia egokiarekin. Dexente errespetatzen dut. Proba dezakezue. LLVM gainean dabil gainera, bere abantaila eta disabantailekin. - **Vala**: GNOME - **R**: Estadistikarako eta motela. - **Crystal**: Hau oso ondo dau. Rubyren antzekoa baina oso azkarra. Oker ez banago baldintza guztiak betetzen ditu. Ez dakit zenbateraino eramangarria den, baina bestela, lenguaia hau ikaragarria da. Oso azkarra da eta gainera goi mailakoa. Rubyren alde on gehienak dauzka, dagoeneko oso oso ondo dagoena. Go gainetik jartzen dudan lehen lenguaia da hau. Beno, baina gustatzen ez zaidana da ez dirudiela gehiegi errespetatzen dutenik software askea. Beraien webguneak software pribatiboa dauka eta ez dabil oso ondo javascript gabe. - **Switft**: haHAA - **Dark**: Aplikazioak egiteko Googleren beste leng - **Nim**: Hau izan da aurkitu dudan programazio lenguaiarik perfektuena. Beste bidalketa bat egingo dut honi buruz gehiago hitz egiten. Bidalketa hau aldatuko dut bere helbidea jartzeko. Hau da nire lenguaien "ranking"-a: 1. Nim https://nim-lang.org/ 2. Crystal https://crystal-lang.org/ 3. Go https://golang.org 4. Zig https://ziglang.org/ Hona hemen "top"-ean ez daudenak baina ordena bat duteanak:\ a) Julia\ b) Rust\ c) Haskell\ d.1) JVM-eko lenguaia batzuk badaude interesgarriak: Clojure, Scala. Eta baita ere badirudi ETA izeneko programazio lenguaia bat ere existitzen dela JVM gainean haskell inplementatzen duena.\ d.2) JVM-eko lenguaia batzuk badaude interesgarriak: Clojure, Scala. Eta baita ere badirudi ETA izeneko programazio lenguaia bat ere existitzen dela JVM gainean haskell inplementatzen duena.\ ...\ ...\ x.1) C++\ x.2) JavaScript\ ...\ ...\ z) NodeJS\ ...\ 0x4b4a) Askeak ez diren lenguaiak + C# + .NET kksoft