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A service that would allow a loop back authentication (verification by email or text) and then allow connections by simply storing a hash of their email (or phone) a la gravatar, could go a long way to verifying real names (or at least finding your contacts).

Is there a good way to build a, real name, friend/acquaintance graph (akin to Facebook/LinkedIn) within the Fediverse? I feel like is a big barrier to mass adoption. I personally find much more value in my lemmy and mastodon feeds than I ever did on twitter/reddit (well reddit still has a lot more content, but the interface and openess is better IMO on Lemmy), but there are generations of people who really are only in it for the social graph.

I get where you are going, but generally, for unrelated people, they tend to be single use at a time right?

I don’t think the argument is about the facility itself, but the commingling of genders for a commonly private purpose.

I’m not taking one side or the other - I just don’t know that this logic holds. !whoosh maybe?

This just feels a little like more IBM bait and switch to me.

CentOS/RHEL parity worked so well for so long and RH Support and Professional Services stood on their own merit.

I still feel like they just threw all that perceived faith, benevolence and trust right out the window.

Teams I’d worked on used RHEL in production all over the place, because we knew we didn’t have lock in and would employ their professional services through out the SDLC and infrastructure lifecycles.

The Active Connections volatility seems weird to me. Is there something that explains the sharp, 100+ connection changes?

Thanks for sharing. I love (and live in) grafana as well.

Ubuntu, CentOS (and a little RHEL).