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Hmm okay. I guess since there’s an undelete button I assumed that meant that it was still accessible. But I guess that’s probably not the best idea in case they shared personal info they don’t want out there.

Yeah, the key to what daryl did was probably that it was in person and he has a lot of patience, and it was done over a long period of time.

Anyway, please ignore what I said earlier, I don’t really like discussing politics and I don’t really know why I made that comment in the first place. I deleted it for that reason but undeleted it after u/ksynwa told me i shouldn’t have deleted it. I should have added something to the original comment when I did that.

Okay, I just undeleted it.

I thought this platform allowed you to view deleted comments though.

I usually don’t get involved in politics outside of a select discord server where I’ve known the community for around 2 years. So when I saw a reply I just deleted the comment because I didn’t really want to argue.

And that edit explains why I got multiple emails about this, I assumed they were replies to your reply though.

keeping this here because someone said i shouldn’t have deleted it, frankly i deleted it because i don’t really wanna argue about this, i only talk about politics in a community i’ve been in for upwards of 2 years, and even there i don’t enjoy discussing it. I don’t even know why i made this comment in the first place. And I understand this platform has a lot of leftists (probably a vast majority) and they wouldn’t like nazis or whatever here. So… Please ignore what I said. Pre-deletion message is below this.

Yeah, like is said on https://minds.com:

You can only change someone’s mind if you provide them with a platform to speak it.

That is, banning people who disagree with you is worthless and will not change their minds, and like you said, will probably make their negative belief stronger.

I heard about that site from Daryl Davis, I think on his episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (I don’t usually watch him, I’ve seen like 2 vids from him, daryl davis and edward snowden)

If you don’t know who that is, he’s the black musician who converted 200+ KKK members (some indirectly, some as a direct result of him talking to them over a long period of time)

I’m pretty sure they were a bit less than 40px, I think around 36? I don’t recall the exact number because openbox doesn’t really have a “make it this height” option in the theme, so I mostly used the padding option.

It’s a lot smaller relatively when on a 1080p screen, I just lowered my resolution for the screenshot so the font doesn’t look so small.

toUnix porn[openbox] A Quiet Mind

Wallpaper source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Y20RX

might post my current setup soon idk

Yeah… Reddit’s redesign sucks so much.

I’ll trust you on that since I’ve never encountered one of those.

I’m aware.

I said it was commonly combined, so yeah, html isn’t a programming lang, but the thing it’s paired with 99% of the time is.

Well, html is commonly combined with css (you’d be mad not to), so I’ll just leave these here…


shell programmers are too high to fit on the list

well, mainly just dylan… He’s a god at it lol

edit: nvm im rart, read it wrong, it’s what the programmer feels like they’re better than, not what the lang is better than. :neutral face:

Ahh okay.

I just use my mouse lol. But extensions like Tridactyl exist, which adds vim keybinds.

toUnix porn[bspwm] I like it minimal.


Did you just assign a lot of shortcuts for common actions?

I’m not sure what you mean, there are existing keybinds for most things.

^t for a new tab
^n for a new window
^l (L, not i) to focus the navbar (which with my css brings the urlbar into view)
Also, you can use alt-number to switch tab (this is ctrl-number on windows)

Looks like it’s gone down a little bit.

old reddit

Well, tbf when a lot of gamers talk about “cross-platform” they mean the XBone (or ps4) and windows, so it checks out.

Maybe implement a lock feature so only mods/admins can post in a specific community?

With a custom userChrome.css file.

(Sorry for reddit link, I don’t know any other similar communities, but r/FirefoxCSS was a big help)

I have recently found out about it, and it's much faster than ffmpeg, maim, scrot, and [shot](https://github.com/rr-/shot). With [an image like this](https://0x0.st/i2N-.png) - ffmpeg takes `0.349` seconds - maim takes `0.970` seconds - scrot takes `0.338` seconds - shot takes `0.844` seconds - shotgun takes `0.259` seconds. and with an image [like this](https://0x0.st/i2NH.png) (200x200+1440+0 geometry) - ffmpeg takes `0.747` seconds - maim takes `0.018` seconds - scrot doesn't allow you to provide a custom geometry, so I can't do a fair test (Also, when using the selection option it sometimes leaves white lines in the screenshot) - shot takes `0.063` seconds - shotgun takes `0.018` seconds I personally use [crud](https://github.com/ix/crud) for making a selection.


I bound this script to ctrl-q in sxhkd so I can still use ctrl-q in other apps.

I like seeing what’s going on. But most of the time I press the on button when I wake up then do other stuff.

Also, I hibernate my PC so it doesn’t really display much when booting.

First post on this platform, only recently found out about it thanks to one OTheB.

Wallpaper: Generated with this script: http://0x0.st/iefu.bin (walgen #1a1a1f)

Right window: Firefox
Bottom-left window: nvim on st
Top-left window: zsh on st