A movie platform with a decentralized network approach.

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Watchit@0.3.0-alpha1 is here!!

Hi guys!! Happy to announce Watchit@0.3.0-alpha1. Added dynamic bit-rate and switch resolution capabilities. …

Yeah, the good part of this, is that you have a bunch of public domain movies ready to watch

Night of the living dead was my first “zombie horror movie” and today i keep loving it. …

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Ohhh hi thank you for your comment… yeah, actually that just examples, the public domain movies isnt in stock XD. I just update the post to avoid any confusion. Thank you again

Ohhh hi thank you for your comment… yeah, actually that just examples, the public domain movies isnt in stock XD

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Coming soon guys Watchit Marketplace

  • mint for distribute…

Hi … Really good feedbacks, thanks a lot. We def need some extra controls in player :)

Please go and enjoy using this link: and our public domain movies key: zdpuAoGyEXnioAX89mPmY5DhrPM38qAWq8qBqPapYmiUHAdmX …

Hi buddy!! coul you try again please using this key k2k4r8kghdt2njykw7n5bisp4wgynjhs4gnnh5p1ik2ixqdive47o0oa thanks for your feedback :)

Hi, thanks for your comment!! What do you mean buddy :) ?

Public Domain Movies Key: …

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Hi buddy, thanks for your comment. In a way they are platforms that seem to serve the same purpose; Although among the main differences is that watchit is “decentralized”, it does not require “centralized” resources such as “servers”, but the movies and the resources are being fed by the same network, I invite you to read about our streaming mechanisms in this post.

Hi, thanks for your reply. If u can try appimage would be great in the meantime

Hi buddy, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I guess there is a world of possibilities, as we said “A baseball bat can be used to kill somebody, or it can be used to play baseball. we just make bats”. I suppose that the platforms have their purpose and like any social network or medium for the transmission of content, it will be vulnerable to the content that its users publish. I am not a lawyer but I consider that the case of popcortime was directly related to content that infringes the authorship, we for our part provide access to public domain movies only and one of the main purposes of the network is to give control to users to produce content, for example independent cinema, we do not promote copyright infringement. “last” launch of my “favorite movie” (sarcasm). <- it is quite subjective, my favorite movie could be the hunchback which is public domain movie.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Did u tried the appImage? We are having some issues with .deb in Debian distro :(

Hi buddy, tanks for your comment. Yes, actually we are working in this on roadmap. Please check our triage

Have you already managed to sync the movies? Do you already have the list of movies available on the dapp?

Yeah!! Got your point. We hope not to have complications of any kind or any collateral effects from providers with illegal content :( .

Due to the nature of IPFS and being a growing project, you could have a little lag in connectivity. You can create your own content network and stream it with your friends without problem using watchit-gateway

Hi buddy, thank you for your comment. We provide a public domain movies key please try using QmR9f898E2Y6H4rUqUQkB5g615wht1q4fxCPfZzxA4jXaR

Hi buddy, thank you for your comment. We have considered all these possibilities, including copyright infringement, we still do not have a mechanism to control it, for our part we only provide access to public domain movies. I invite to you to read our FAQ