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I gave my jacket to a guy nearly naked (and clearly freezing) who was waiting for the bus, in a cold rainy day. I don’t know why he was in that state, I didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell this thing to anyone.

Follow the advice of @ajz, grapheneos focus is on security alone and is not compatible with microg (which you will need to use some apps). You should choose LineageOS, /e/, calyxos, or something like that. Calyx could be a really good choice if you’re interested in a more secure system as well

You can use LOS and microg, just need to put a little more effort into create your own system, but the result are similar. You will need to change the time server, disable captive portal login and be careful about DNS server, but it’s not hard and you can find every resources easily

Sadly they seems to have discontinued custom domains, for now

It’s interesting but mailbox still offer better value and don’t limit the number of mails I can send daily. Thanks for the suggestion, of course!

Protonmail need a bridge to let IMAP work, and it’s not usable on every platform afaik (e.g. android). Cock.li has a privacy police worse than mailbox, at least for what I read and understand, and it doesn’t offer the same value of mailbox. Thanks anyway for the suggestions!

Mailbox is really good, yep. 3€ monthly is a great value for what they offer

Email provider with custom domain and IMAP?

Hi guys, I want to change my email provider to something with the aforementioned features (and obviously with a good privacy policy). I’m actually using tutanota, and it’s great, I recommend it, but I really need to use different clients. …

The developer of Waistline (on fdroid) is developing a new version of the app that seems great https://github.com/davidhealey/waistline . At this moment you can only build it yourself, but he will release it this year

The app is really bad IMHO. Doesn’t sort bookmarks and doesn’t show folder. It’s really hard to find something

I had read “new communists”. I was fine with it, even if an announcement had seemed a little over the top to me

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It’s not a viable option for everyone. It’s really important to give upgrades to every user, even not tech savvy ones. I’m really happy for what Fairphone manage to give to his users

No good deed goes unpunished…

You’re right, I forgot I hat this installed too SaveTo… (Save shared image or pdf to selected directory) - https://f-droid.org/packages/xyz.myachin.saveto

If you do it on android there is Scrambled Exif to do that very quickly. You can find it on fdroid https://f-droid.org/packages/com.jarsilio.android.scrambledeggsif

Funny, but please don’t just link reddit/libreddit post if possible. If it’s just an image I think it could be possible to post it on Lemmy directly

If I willingly do it and it’s for helping a good project: yes, of course. Moreover, your voice isn’t linked to you, and if you want you can do it through tor

Lineage, definitively. Whyred has a very active developer community, and you can find a lot of support on XDA forum or on telegram @redminote5proofficial . You can flash the official lineage4microg too https://lineage.microg.org/ . Just take your time to learn how to unlock your bootloader and flash the rom, it’s not hard and you are going to have a massive privacy benefit

I feel weird, wrong… and still I want to spread these logos everywhere