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Well, about 30% of their tourism’s economy could collapse ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I use it as nextcloud server (and other things like pihole, jellyfin and wallabag) and it works flawlessly for a single user

It’s healthy. It’s not a capitalistic monster based on ads, so it’s not growing like an unnatural blob. But users remain kinda stable, new communities appear sometimes and the conversation is good

Signal is OK if you are not a sensitive target. Otherwise you should use other ways, like using privacy and security focused operating system (the most famous is Tails, but QubeOS is probably better and there are many more), a reliable and completely anonymous message system like tox, or at least p2p like briar. There are a lot of countermeasures that you should consider if you are a sensible target, and none of those are failure proof

I didn’t listen Snarky Puppy for a while, thanks for bringing my attention on them again 🧡

It depend, /e/ could still continue to support your device if trees aren’t so outdated. Still, check frequently at least the security patch version

LineageOS don’t use permissive selinux and disabled nearly every function of userdebug build except for root functions over adb (that is disabled by default).

The only real danger about LOS is the unlocked bootloader, but it can’t be solved by LineageOS developers, since it depend deeply by manufactorer.

Still, even if it is a security risk it depend a lot about your threat model and if you usually install only trusted apps and navigate on trusted sites (or usually disable JavaScript) the actual attack surfaces isn’t really a problem for the common users, and there are only theoretical risks.

The great thing about official LOS is the support of a lot of devices (and not only Google made) and the big community approval needed for every change.

Community standards for LOS are actually really strict, and you can be pretty sure to have a stable system when you use official LOS on your device. Since there are dozens of supported devices it gives users a lot of freedom.

Penso di aver provato la stessa cosa di quando é morto Mandela. É una di quelle persone che non dovrebbero morire mai, che anche se muoiono a 90 anni rimane comunque una perdita terribile per l’intera umanità.

They already do it on iCloud, this will be client side

With fluid navigation gestures, it’s an app

Sadly… not anymore… I solved using fluid navigation gestures and a couple command from adb to disable right and left stock gestures completely (but bottom gestures). Command are those:

adb shell

settings put secure back_gesture_inset_scale_left -1

settings put secure back_gesture_inset_scale_right -1

Awesome, thanks a lot! A couple of things, tho: 1- I think a loading indicator is needed, since the static bootstrapping page could trick someone (like me) to think the site was stuck; 2- I think a button in the player to switch between resolutions could be really useful if e.g. connection is too slow to watch the movie in the pre-selected fullhd resolution; 3- Idk if I just didn’t found it, but I think subtitles (even in English or original language only) could be really helpful to a lot of people. Anyway the project is awesome, thanks again for your work!

I guess it’s OK. I mean, I expect the internal healthcare message system of an entire nation will be NOT federated with any external server. I think they (imho reasonably) don’t need and don’t want any kind of external federation. This is a good thing anyway, they are dropping proprietary and centralized protocols to something further controllable and completely modifiable. A fork where expected, of course, according to internal needs; imho the only thing that’s important is staying FLOSS

I should really start to use pidgin again. Back in the day of MSN messenger was awesome, and bring me back a lot of memories. Are those third-party addons trusted and opensource?

Mah, sinceramente la vedo dura. Apprezzo molto lemmy, ma pensare di allontanarsi completamente da reddit e stare solo su lemmy é al momento impossibile imho. Anche se dovessero interessarti soltanto gli argomenti trattati qui, purtroppo la discussione non é così attiva come su reddit, per il semplice fatto che lemmy ha pochi utenti. Spero vivamente che cresca perché é un progetto qualitativamente ottimo ed apprezzo moltissimo lo stile di reddit per le discussioni, ma materialmente al momento non può sostituire reddit in tutto e per tutto. Comunque più che scrollare spamma notizie interessanti, magari si crea un po’ di discussione. Io sono un lurker di natura, ma se hai creato la community magari tu sei più attivo. Volendo rimanere agli argomenti più trattati su lemmy potresti postare notizie prese da eticadigitale.org, valigiablu.it, wired.it o www.agendadigitale.eu che sono tutte buone fonti per quanto riguarda diritti, privacy digitale e simili. Ci proveró anch’io, anche se tendenzialmente non creo quasi mai nuovi contenuti

I’m reporting you what will be next. It is already decided. Of course it will be a proposal, but exactly like this one it will be approved. They just need to find a way to make it “work” without technically breaking e2e. Proposal are already here, like a sort of backdoor, on device scanning and image hashing. All of this is allarming, not allarmistic. Please, read the Patrick Breyer report or search deeper. It’s not a joke and it’s one of the most dangerous thing UE ever have done

If we please can talk without being “edgy” and “woke” will be great. I read the article, the proposal and a lot more. There are dozen of sources, and I follow the discussion since the beginning. The european pirate party (Patrick Breyer in particoular) talked about this for months https://www.patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/message-screening/?lang=en and there are a lot of sources in my native language (if you want to check those too https://www.agendadigitale.eu/sicurezza/privacy/regolamento-chatcontrol-ovvero-la-sorveglianza-di-massa-anche-in-europa/ and https://eticadigitale.org/2021/05/28/europa-in-nome-dei-bambini-la-sorveglianza-di-massa-e-diventata-realta/). I even compiled the official survey from the UE about the proposal. I know for sure that chat-control will be proposed as MANDATORY in the near future, and will comprehend e2e services too.


Sarebbe bello se questa community si allargasse, magari la spammo un po’ in giro, anche se al momento la vedo dura. Grazie comunque per averla aperta :)…


Email provider with custom domain and IMAP?

Hi guys, I want to change my email provider to something with the aforementioned features (and obviously with a good privacy policy). I’m actually using tutanota, and it’s great, I recommend it, but I really need to use different clients. …