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You’re kinda acting like a toddler yourself with this rage which kinda explain why you fail to manage a toddler.

What are you even on about. Do you imply that we should allow germ spreading spawns to spread disease because they are “gonna throw a tantrum”. If you cannot make your kid wear a piece of cloth for few hours then maybe you shouldn’t go to public spaces at all during a fucking epidemic.

You make them wear it. There’s not enough brain mass to subject to any sort of meaningful conscious choice.

If you can’t have your toddler wear a piece of cloth over their mouth for couple of hours then maybe you should have stopped after one instead of going for six.

It’s hard to deny that Lemmy contains a lot of fringe communities. Just take a look at community list. Even recently banned reddit community chapo house migrated to lemmy so it definitely paints a picture.

How can a 2 year old refuse anything. Seems like a parental issue though it’s really hard to blame her. Can you imagine traveling and managing 6 spawns alone? I don’t think anyone’s faulty here, maybe JetBlue should have prepared better with children masks: surely this can’t be the first incident?

Seems like the only 2 contributors of this community were banned. Of all political nutcase communities on lemmy it’s the /c/web “show and discuss interesting web projects” that broke the admins huh?

Seems like meme.

What’s wrong with GPL? It also has an actual legal body that protects it rather than something some basement nerd threw together with edgy flavor of the month words.

I’d argue that GPL is very anti-capitalism. The whole copyleft movement is to encourage community sharing and user freedoms which I find is the core value of open source software.

It seems to be kinda dead?

Xonsh is great but it still doesn’t feel ready for production usage. I think you still can’t delete stuff from history which is a deal breaker for me.

NPM is basically owned by Microsoft now too which will make things like this worse.

So is that a “never”? Seems like the issue tracker is redirecting to lemmy-lite:

This project is not intended for official use, but rather as a proof-of-concept for pre-rendering Lemmy

So to have indexable lemmy you need optional second front-end? Not to be offensive but that kinda sounds like an awful idea.