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The Nix package manager works on most distros and even on MacOS so most nixpkgs expresions work out of the box (except modules which are intended to simplify system configuration and are tailored to NixOS)


On the GNU side of thing there is Guix but lacks non-libre software. (Same principles and also great)

Well, it doesn’t have Google Services which was the issue of using Google Android. Also LineageOS looks and feels a lot like Google Android minus Google Services and Play Store (and the presence of F-Droid)

It is a mirror, I am using nest.pijul.com as the main repo.

There are some new recent restrictions on high rises in China. They are generally expensive to maintain in infrastructure costs. (Transit, Water, etc)

Yeah, just wanted to clarify it was different from the lemmy.ml ToS.

Are you able to re-license contributor code (like do you have a clause in the TOS for that)?

One would need to have a CLA-requirement to contributions that allows such relicensing. (Or that the original license allows relicensing)