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i use Arch BTW

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i did not download it to be honest, its so much GB that i can handle

Israel never stop impressing me of showing how much they are bad and suck!

metamask is based on eth? so it’s kind of focus on same coin at the end…

Exodus is not FOSS i use it and it’s not foss (not sure about Jaxx as i never used it)

it’s first time i will say fuck the /s

as it’s true talk not just “joking”

You get to remove one distro from the face of the earth, as if it had never been created. All distro’s based on it will also be removed. What do you choose to get rid of?

Arch linux, so people stop saying “i use arch btw”

and oh right, i use arch btw

If you are an avid anime fan


Yes it’s because they do not have good people for UX or UI only. You can donate to them and tell them to hire some UX devs, like what people did with godot game engine

Did you know that a NFT is just a hyperlink [1] to an image thats usually hosted on Google Drive or another web2.0 webhost? People are dropping millions on instructions on how to download images. That's why you can right click save-as because they are standard images. The image is not stored in the blockchain contract. As web2.0 webhosts are known to go offline (404 errors) this handy torrent contains all of the NFT's so that future generations can study this generations tulip mania and collectively go..."WTF? We destroyed our planet for THIS?!"

i would say most compelete clients are gajim and conversations

to be honest i see all linux distros are good for coding, all shipping with python and tools (due to some apps compiled on the go) and even it’s easy to install tools literally one line (apt install) and you are ready to go unlike windows installing python alone is fucking hell

look i feel you and indeed XMPP admins can know a lot and even reset your password if they want and but the thing is some xmpp servers are big and i’m sure they will not ruin their reputation that easily.

i use xmpp for myself. it’s absolute god

We got problems around matrix (metadata) and signal (as you seen in the post) but i do not hear much about xmpp is bad :P

use xmpp, fuck everything else

Israeli people keep shocking me by how much farther they can suck more

I love it, and it’s idea in fact i ditched signal after their “mobile” coin update and i use session now