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heute möchte ich mit dir das Thema "Wo findet man gute Deals für reselling?" besprechen.

I use Linux Mint since Ubuntu switched to Unity (R.I.P.) =)

Found today an cool self-hosted RSS Aggregator: https://github.com/FreshRSS/FreshRSS

Maybe it is interesting for somebody!

try to find a smaller instance with your interests and use filters.

I prefer to buy this Game on Steam for little Price, instead of illegal downloads via torrent.

i see lots of bot, witch post infos from rss feed to mastodon and co. but i think this is not right.

I found lot of open and friendly people on Mastodon and not only bot.

I don’t use RSS feeds anymore =)

Der Domain der Instanz ist etwas merkwürdig: “asoziales” - klingt für mich negativ =)

A Short History of PHP...

Mastodon - альтернатива Twitter
Mastodon - это не просто очередной клон Twitter, а децентрализованная микроблог платформа (социальная сеть), на которой нету цензуры, рекламы и слежки за пользователям.