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Crap. I used Firefox Send all the time, and it completely crippled my workflow when it was “temporarily” shut down. I was actively waiting for it to come back so I could get back to doing a lot of what I do.

They do some things that most hardcore Linux users disapprove of, like Snaps. They’re ok, but they really give you no choice but to use them, and will automatically install packages as Snaps. Pop!_OS still lets you use Snaps, but you aren’t forced to.

Elementary is like MacOS, but without a lot of the garbage MacOS forces on you. Hardcore Linux users usually don’t like it, but its great for newcomers.

Pop!_OS. Its got the support and stability of Ubuntu, but without the restrictions Ubuntu forces onto you.

As someone who is all for vaccines, this still seems very dystopian. Not even to mention the fact that there’s probably going to be some corners cut on a vaccine produced in 1/8th the time of normal vaccines.

I think its more passive aggressively resisting. If they outright block or ban Invidious, FreeTube, and youtube-dl, then I’d imagine there would be a mass of people leaving the platform. However, they do frequently make subtle changes to the code of YouTube, which means Invidious and youtube-dl need very frequent updates to stay working.

I usually downvote people who aren’t respectful or are taking away from the community. If someone says something I disagree with, but presents their ideas in a civil way, I still upvote them.

Fish. The taste is ok, but one time while eating homemade fish, I swallowed a really thin bone. I had to drink vinegar to get myself to throw it back up after it got stuck in my throat. Ever since then, the smell of fish makes me sick.

I was looking for something exactly like this.

Something reasonable: A new PC I’ve been spending months saving up for Something outlandish: Model S P100D. That thing looks fun as hell.