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Your comments on this thread are literally violating your rule 4. The irony…

Hosting lemmy with Caddy v2 and Docker
Hello, I want to host my own lemmy instance but instead of using Nginx as a reverse proxy I want to use Caddy as a reverse proxy since it is easier. Sadly I am still learning how to use it and lemmy is putting me in hard position. Does anybody know how can I do it? Thanks in advance! ::: spoiler spoiler Edit: I have around $1,30 in Monero (at least it was that much a week or two before) if any helps me I am going to give it to him. :::

I wish it was avalible for my phone…

Too expensive if you are not in engish speaking country

Convert LBRY Credit to Monero
Hello, I have around a dollar worth of LBC. Can someone tell me where to change it to Monero? Also if there aren't any places can someone trade me for it?

For some reason I cannot add the instance to the android app…

I have been stupid one time and I shared a link on reddit containing my BitWarden .csv export. Thankfuly I have change all my passwords since. Also I suggest you use the “new” barinsta that is not from F-droid.

Yes, my friend criticed me because “Linux’s UI is like tablets. Why use tablet UI on PC?”. At the time I was using Pop_OS with Gnome

This is the best response to court trethening I have ever seen. Everyone who hosts privacy related services should reply like this to such emails.

Only thing I can add to this is: Based Njalla

Happy New Year!!!
Ye, just that Happy New Year!