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Given how bit Twitter is… funny thing is that this will make NFTs “real”. Also they can block right-click with JavaScript to some extent :D

Ah, the infamous “many eyes argument” :D That may be true for the Linux kernel but not so much for the bottom 99% of packages in the repos… Also a missing bit is that Linux is secure because software running on in is open source and comes from official and moderated repositories.

Once Linux gets popular and commercial developers start pushing flatpacks and what not this will end and Linux distros are way less hardened against insider threat than other OSes are (especially Android). Not to mention people using Linux are more technically inclined than Windows users basically by definition.

On one hand I would like to see grater adoption of Linux, I thing it would be good for everybody in general. But on the other hand I selfishly like the status quo, where criminals have a nice target painted for them and I can stay a safe distance away and enjoy the (shi*)show…

Yeah, that has been long coming. I wonder if this will make any real effect. Looks like GDPR is in fact dead to big tech; organisations that are responsible for enforcement of it do all they can to not cause any problems for big tech. Also other rulings of CJEU related to mass surveillance are also mostly ignored by EU governments.

BTW: I can recommend watching: The Internet’s Own Boy The Story of Aaron Schwartz

GitHub has reportedly suspended the developer’s account.

Microsoft: You’re fired! (revokes all “free” services)

500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/01/500m-avira-antivirus-users-introduced-to-cryptomining/

Avira was acquired by Tempe, Ariz.-based NortonLifeLock Inc., the same company that now owns Norton 360

Next: Microsoft Windows 11 Comes With a Cryptominer - Microsoft takes 95% cut from mining ETH. :D

Next: Your PC Comes With Microsoft Security Chip that Comes With a Cryptominer…


Norton 360 Now Comes With a Cryptominer – Krebs on Security

“Norton is pretty much amplifying energy consumption worldwide, costing their customers more in electricity use than the customer makes on the mining, yet allowing Norton to make a ton of profit,” tweeted security researcher Chris Vickery. “It’s disgusting, gross, and brand-suicide.”…

Are they “losing ground with collecting data”? I thought that you cannot disable “telemetry” even on Datacentre edition completely. Sure this will help to make it more stealthy/enforced than it is now.

Wow, they are using both: ransomware and covid-19 to justify this! Nice…

I guess it makes sense for such a product, given how corpos cannot trust their own employees, since they are abusing everybody to such an extent. Technology allowing them total invigilation and ability to cut people off at any moment makes sense to them.

Obviously, this will not end on corporations, but it will allow all sorts of monitoring of everyday users without the ability to decompile or otherwise look at what they are doing on your PC. You may get Apple’s client side image scanning with Windows Update and nobody will be able to tell if this is happening or how it works since the software will be locked in this chip within the chip.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipper_chip legacy continues on :D This also explains why China is ditching Windows PC all together https://mspoweruser.com/china-replace-windows-pcs/

Same here. I have been using xbps-src to build some custom packages and coming from RPM spec, it is such a joy to use. Hosting custom repos is also very easy and fast.

…when combined with a vulnerability, it does have the ability to emulate circuits of arbitrary logic gates operating on arbitrary memory. So why not just use that to build your own computer architecture and script that!? That’s exactly what this exploit does. Using over 70,000 segment commands d…

I would not be surprised if it was Turing compelte :D

Inside Ireland’s Public Healthcare Ransomware Scare

The report notes the HSE’s hospital network had over 30,000 Windows 7 workstations that were deemed end of life by the vendor…

Good question. I hope not. For now corporations are shaping the routing but I think we are not fully dependent on them yet. But it feels like the forces are stacked against the principles that made the internet and if we don’t protect them the outcomes will be very bad.

Yeah, what I mean is that the “control” over the internet is based on participation of organizations controlled by each individual state (hopefully represented by democratically elected government, representing people etc.) in contrast to handful of global corporations that has escaped such governance. This makes the internet slow to move forward (e.g. IPv6, DNSSEC etc.) in contrast to “move fast and break things” (e.g. the CDN overlay, QUIC, HTTP/3 protocol etc.). So there is completely different dynamics, control and outcomes for us.

Now make a compiler from Minecraft to FPGA :D

If BigTech will continue to centralize and ignore the basic concepts that made the internet possible their internet will be down way more often. They are actually shooting themselves in their foots in slow motion :D The issue I have is that our daily lives depend more and more on this corporate networks. A responsible state would not put all their eggs in that basket and stick with the “old” internet.

"In this scenario, what remains outside these private networks are primarily ISP networks that move traffic to and from end users, and the user experience would be shaped by how close a user sits to the private network of the relevant internet company.”

This is already a thing. All major CNDs bind with major ISP directly via major internet exchanges. Netflix and Google put their content servers (big caches) directly in the ISP networks already; otherwise the internet backbone would not be able to handle all the traffic long time ago.

So looks like we have the internet represented by *NIC etc. that is political. The one that is build to top that is corporate… and some “blockchain” based on on top of that further that will be owned by cryptobros… got it.

We have all the tech we need already. This is not a technical problem that needs to be solved. And fusion won’t be here in the meaningful time frame anyway. It could solve the perception problem of nuclear power or it could share its fate… since it is still a (thermo)nuclear technology.

Brings back memories where my friend was trying to convert his AMD Duron into Athlon by cutting some tiny bridges. I guess with good crypto it will be harder now to enable stuff that is physically on the chip but your have not paid extra for the exactly same chip under different model name.

Don’t give them arguments: “But think of the cats!” haha

An uncensored interview between the Russian OSINT and REvil operator has popped up in one of the hacking forums today. This is an unedited interview, which was originally released on October 23, 2020, by the Russian OSINT on their YouTube channel…

Intel 11th Gen Intel Core vPro CPUs with support for the Hardware Shield and TDT features will be able to detect ransomware attacks at the hardware level, many layers below antivirus software. …

Website as a document vs an application and the risks related to running the latter on your device…