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We are doomed in so many ways that it is not funny any more :/

Any form of surveillance used by any government will be used primarily for political reasons, against non-criminals. There is no such thing as Good Spyware.

This is how the internet works: you either work for years to get a little organic traffic or you just pay to those giants so they share it with you.

Well guess what… the same company that controls the organic traffic (via their search platform that everybody uses) is also the biggest ad company. I know first hand that they can send organic traffic your way and they can take it away at any time for no apparent reason. Then you have no choice but to spend lots of money on ads with them to keep your business going.

The problem is not their moderation rules, it is that if Google “bans you for life” that is it… there is nothing else left, nowhere to go in the whole world. Google totally controls the web and everything becomes more and more dependant on the web.

Well there are others like MS, Yandex etc. but they are insignificant. The author should also try Facebook ads… but I don’t see how they would do different.

An uncensored interview between the Russian OSINT and REvil operator has popped up in one of the hacking forums today. This is an unedited interview, which was originally released on October 23, 2020, by the Russian OSINT on their YouTube channel…

The only way to destructure an enum is via match or if let statements. If all enum variants would contain common data then I would suggest to move this data to a struct and keep the enum as separate field in that structure (same like io::Error and it’s Kind enumeration). Another way would be to use a macro to derive the implementation automatically; there may be crates already there that can do this sort of delegation. See https://crates.io/search?q=delegate

Enum variants are values and not types. You cannot implement traits for values. Rust will not magically implement traits for you (unless they are auto-traits, and this currently are not user defined). Rust does not support inheritance (it is not an OOP language) and instead you use composition which means that you have to compose things manually (or via macro) if you use static constructs like the enum (in contrast to run-time trait object).

In this case you may want to use a trait object instead of an enum.

Yes, match is how you access enum variants in Rust. You only need to implement it once for the Actor enum.

I have ordered my PinePhone this weekend. I don’t know if I can hack some software for it (I know Rust so I guess it will work), I have lots of experience with Linux. I think many people realized that free software phone is the only way forward or is it hype? I own an old de-googled ZTE phone (way better h/w wise than PinePhone) and I need a backup phone for it. Given recent Google news and general direction where things are heading there is no way forward with Android or iOS if you care about privacy, repairability and long term support. I guess maybe Fairphone or /e/ are worth looking into for people not ready to hack on some scripts to get their photos done…

This thing is not much more than a database of all the data it has seen. Far from “just like a human who reads various books”. If they want to make it useful for “humanity” they should release it under GPL - probably that would be complicated given all the mix of the licenses used though.

This is in essence similar to Clearview AI. Data/code is published with an specific intention, which is reflected by the license in case of code. It should not be used outside of that intention which for GPL is clearly stating that the author does not want to have their code used as part of a commercial software.

It is already possible with https://docs.rs/problem/5.3.0/problem/ crate. You set up panic handler with format_panic_to_stderr() or format_panic_to_error_log() and wrap your errors in Problem type which will follow the Error trait source chain and produce nice message. It can even include stack traces.

I am not sure if this should be in stdlib since normally panics are bugs and bug reports should be formatted in the way that developers can understand the best. But in CLI programs it is often easier for the developer to just abort with panic on normal errors (not bugs) and then you want nice report for the user by default. This is also the reason why anyhow crate exists. So user friendly panic reporting is a CLI specific problem and not a general Rust issue.

Just implement Name for Actor.

Assuming the above there would be a significant interest in pushing Brexit for this corporations as this puts any EU pro-privacy initiatives in check which otherwise would threaten their core business models.

So this shows that EU is less powerful than Google, FB and others and literally is afraid of facing their practices… nice, good to know. Meanwhile UK is now an agent of overseas corporate power in Europe and will work towards eroding human rights and initiatives like GDPR.

Misconception #5: Solar panels don’t work at night /s

Heh, same pattern as ever: corporation takes over, first thing they do is push ads and deploy surveillance. Looks like FOSS projects are vulnerable for their “trademark” (everything other than code and community) takeover. Sounds similar to what have happened to Audacity and OpenOffice before.

There needs to be a better way to protect projects from this form of aggression.

Intel 11th Gen Intel Core vPro CPUs with support for the Hardware Shield and TDT features will be able to detect ransomware attacks at the hardware level, many layers below antivirus software. …

Website as a document vs an application and the risks related to running the latter on your device…