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No idea who that is. Ban should be upheld in my opinion

I would love for the monarchy to be abolished but this article is just weak speculation. Some guy thinks the monarchy is increasingly seen as celebrities [citation needed] and therefore it will be abolished in 2 generations? Just pulled this prediction completely out of their arse

This is not a question of ProtonMail vs Gmail.

What do you mean by this?
Presumably for a lot of people that is going to be the main, perhaps only, question.

Police don't know which officers unlawfully stormed student flat

20 police officers entered a student flat without a warrant, but police are “unable to locate any Body Worn Video footage… as a list of… officers… who were assisting with the operation, was not retained” …

All those crimes what I done

“Days of negotiations at the G7 leaders summit in Cornwall failed to set an end-date for coal after the U.S. and Japan blocked a deal.”…

Better than google though, no?

Is there a way to filter communities from all?

I like browsing all rather than local or subscribed because then I see posts from new communities I wasn’t previously aware of. But there are some communities I know I am never going to be interested in, I would like to filter these out. …

Loved these games. Was commandos 1 or 2 better though?

@bluetoucantoLinuxLinux Sucks 2021

Is there anything worth listening to behind the dumb click-baity presentation?
I listened to the 1:30 mark so far and nothing there.
He even says “this isn’t clickbait!” - just saying that doesn’t make it so!
Maybe lunduke is a name that some people know and are willing to look past the presentation but I’ve never heard of them.

“Firefox would also be susceptible to the technique, but a bug prevents the attack from working at the moment.”


This article is dumb as hell. The best argument it can make is that distrotube was banned from one instance and then when they set up their own it was blocked by “several” others. Who the hell cares? Even if every instance in the fedi blocked it it wouldn’t stop people from joining distrotube’s instance, or setting up their own and federating with it if they cared enough to.
Only the dumbest possible conception of the principle of free-speech could think this was a major issue.

tuple-returns for error handling instead of algebraic data types

What do you mean here?

My rule is comments should:

  • summarise what something does, or
  • explain why something is the way it is If it’s not a summary or a why then it’s not adding value